MODX Cloud Update November 13, 2015

by Ryan Thrash

Published on November 13, 2015

We recently launched Flex Clouds, which makes MODX Cloud a great place to work on pretty much any site. We’ve now added to the documentation, starting with how to install MODX Evolution and WordPress.

Flex Clouds are perfect for when you need a place to put a project you’re planning to migrate to Revo, for installing utility apps like Piwik analytics, exploring e-commerce, or for when your client forces you to use a clearly inferior alternative CMS. ;)

Flex Cloud instances give you access to all the Cloud Tools that work for MODX Revolution, including access to the filesystem above webroot for installing frameworks like Slim and Laravel, a highly tuned nginx web server, and an empty database instance. Automatic offsite backups occur every night, and we store them for 7 days on a rolling basis. You can even install MODX Revolution manually in a Flex Cloud, but you will not have access to Snapshots and workflow tools unique to MODX Revolution.

Other noteworthy updates include:

  • Sensitive credentials for database and SSH connections are now hidden from plain view. Thanks to JP DeVries for bringing this up—it makes demoing the system and training people much less delicate.
  • Updated to the latest PHP 5.6.15 version.
  • UI updates including a streamlined header and account switcher, and a link to the public roadmap in the Dashboard footer (you should go vote for things there!).
  • Fixed a longstanding bug with the paging of lists for some users.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in incorrect size recording for Backups and Snapshots. Related, we confirmed the old limit of 4GB for both is long gone.
  • Fixed bug in the implementation of cron task handling that caused them to intermittently fail.

Go check out the MODX Cloud Roadmap, and you tell us what you’d like to see! We look forward to your thoughts.

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