MODX Cloud Update December 23, 2015

by Ryan Thrash

Published on December 23, 2015

We continue making improvements to MODX Cloud to make it a more flexible platform, and to bring things that used to require complex technical chops to everyone.

Most notably, we added support for Node.js in MODX Cloud. This means front-end developers can use it for workflow tools like Bower, Grunt and Gulp, amongst others. If you’d like to try it out, request it for your specific Cloud instance by using the help link in your MODX Cloud Dashboard.

We also want to remind you about the recently added Flex Cloud instances which give you access to the filesystem above webroot. You can use them to install other software like MODX Evolution or another CMS, or even frameworks like Slim, CakePHP and Laravel. Flex Clouds include a highly tuned nginx web server and an empty MySQL database instance. Automatic offsite backups occur every night, and we store them for 7 days on a rolling basis.

A few other noteworthy updates include:

  • Fixed a minor sorting bug to list the accounts you have access to in alphabetical order.
  • MODX Cloud instances can now be upgraded to be fully managed, monitored and maintained for customers on current plans from the Cloud management view. Formal announcement coming soon. ;)
  • Fixed additional UI bugs, adjusted the UI in spots, and updated documentation to improve the overall experience in MODX Cloud.
  • Many, many underlying platform updates to set the foundation for new functionality and products starting in early 2016.

Go check out the MODX Cloud Roadmap, and you tell us what you’d like to see! We look forward to your thoughts.

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