Automatic SSH Public Key Authentication for Increased Security

by Ryan Thrash

Published on January 22, 2018

We’re about to make lives of anyone who uses the command line or SFTP in MODX Cloud much more simple. By adding an SSH public key to your user profile in MODX Cloud, you will be able to connect to any Cloud you have access to—current or future—no extra work required.

What is Public Key Authentication?

Public key authentication provides a secure way to connect via SSH to a server which exceeds the security of passwords, even those with hundreds of characters. Public key authentication also allows people to log in without entering a password.

In short, you should use public key authentication as it both improves security and makes accessing servers more convenient.

How it Works in MODX Cloud

When you connect using SSH, MODX Cloud checks to ensure you can access both the account and the Cloud within any Groups. If so, it uses the public key in your user profile to complete the authentication. There is no need to manually upload public keys to each Cloud, or remove them if access is later revoked.

Available Now

We hope you’ll take advantage of this feature to help make managing and creating sites in MODX Cloud a little more fun and productive. If you’re a MODX Cloud user already learn more in the user guide.

And if you still haven’t tried MODX Cloud yet, we’d love to see you there.

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