Cloud Update June 3, 2020

by Ryan Thrash

Published on June 3, 2020

At MODX Cloud we continue to make progress in spite of the collective global angst and insecurity surrounding the effects of COVID-19. Today we’re happy to announce MODX Cloud enhancements that create a foundation for some exciting things in the future.

DNS Management is Here

We’re excited to let you know we’ve launched DNS management as a top-level menu option in the MODX Cloud Dashboard:

DNS in MODX Cloud

  • Before you create DNS records the domain(s) must be assigned to an existing Cloud.
  • Currently supported record types include A, AAAA, CAA, CNAME, MX, NS, SRV, and TXT. Let us know if you need other record types urgently.
  • CNAME flattening for the apex record is supported, functioning like an A record.

Why this matters

MODX Cloud’s free DNS service offers a new level of convenience for managing websites hosted in MODX Cloud. Beyond providing a better DNS experience than many registrars, this also allows us to transparently migrate Clouds between data centers and to minimize the impact of things like network degradation, server upgrades, or hardware failures. It will also allow us to introduce new capabilities like failover or HA deployments without delays from DNS updates.

In the future, we’ll give customers the ability to migrate between data centers automagically and completely unassisted.

Configurable Web Roots for Flex Clouds

If you have ever wanted to work with a framework like Laravel that requires a custom webroot under the www/ directory, you had to open a support ticket and wait for manual configuration. Now you can simply set this yourself at the bottom of the Web Server tab in the MODX Cloud Dashboard. Learn more

Uptime+ Available Upon Request

If you want to de-risk potential hardware failure, regional network degradation, or other things that could negatively impact website uptime or performance, we’ll soon allow you to order Uptime+ for any Cloud instance. Uptime+ requires updating your DNS records to point to our failover service endpoint. If you use a naked domain for your site’s primary URL without the “www” you’ll need to change to a DNS provider that supports CNAME flattening, ANAMEs, or ALIAS records … like, perhaps, to MODX Cloud (see above).

Uptime+ clones your site to a completely different data center every night. If your site performance degrades or an outage is detected at your primary Cloud, this will automatically switch over and serve the copy at the backup location. This is a perfect solution to keep marketing sites and customer gateways online as much as possible, to preserve your professional reputation, and to avoid hiccups due to maintenance. (For business-critical site availability, ask us about High Availability configurations.)

Uptime+ starts at $100/month on Base plans, $75 for Business plan customers. Open a ticket with us if you’d like to set up Uptime+ for your site(s) today.

General Stack Updates

We constantly maintain the core infrastructure for anything that might have an impact to enhance performance and security, including:

  • NGINX updated to the latest applicable version 16.x
  • PHP updates to the latest versions of 7.1.x, 7.2.x, and 7.3.x
  • Let’s Encrypt protocol updated to ACME v2

We look forward to future updates and bringing you additional features to help you run your sites faster and better than ever before.

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