PHP Content Management Framework CMF

Discover how MODX Revolution can help you manage content and build applications on the web.

By Ryan Thrash  |  Updated: July 30, 2020  |  2 min read
PHP Content Management Framework CMF

Beyond the CMS with a PHP Application Framework

MODX Revolution is an open source PHP Content Management System. It is also built on top of a robust development framework and API. It not only helps you take control of your online content, but it also does things that might be impractical with many other platforms.

For content driven websites, its robust ACL system gives as much control as desired to users for day-to-day website content maintenance chores. It makes child’s play of building content managed sites using the latest HTML5/CSS3 and any Javascript library or technique you wish.

A Content Management Framework (CMF)

Some technical users refer to MODX Revolution as a Content Management Framework (“CMF”): equal parts custom web application builder and Content Management System ("CMS"). With a flexible API and a robust event override system, MODX Revolution makes building engaging web projects straightforward — or changing core functionality without hacking the core code possible. Custom tweaks won’t leave you pulling out your hair when it’s time to upgrade.

Not only does MODX Revolution help you build sites quickly, but it also is both robust and simple. As far as end-users know, MODX Revolution is just an easy-to-use online application; for developers there’s freely available resources and a fantastic end-user Community.

Build more. Hack less. Make awesome easy.

MODX Revolution is the alternative to hacking blogging apps and other tools to death, extended learning curves, and changing your workflow to fit software that is overly opinionated and too complex. MODX Revolution also doesn’t make you reinvent solutions to problems that have been solved many times over: basic content management tasks, login and permissions, asynchronous communications, JSON handling, i18n/l10n, and the myriad of other items common across typical online applications.

MODX Revolution allows you to focus on usability, design, business logic, content and building great sites, not on the tools that build them.

Benefits for Organizations

  • Standardize on a single platform for websites and many types of web applications
  • Use internal platforms for Authentication and SSO, e.g., LDAP, Active Directory, etc.
  • Performant applications leveraging modern PHP code base `

For End Users & Site Builders

  • Consistent data across all aspects of the applications and sites you use to manage your business
  • Always available applications, portals and websites from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Extras to help you do more, more quickly