Countdown to the 2nd MODX Bug Hunt begins!

After closing more than 250 issues in the first MODX Bug Hunt, it's time to do it again at the 2nd #modxbughunt in Munich. Join us on July 7th!

By Ben Davis, MODX Ambassador, Munich
June 28, 2017
Countdown to the 2nd MODX Bug Hunt begins!

The first MODX Bug Hunt was such a success, we touched more than 250 Github issues and fixed more than 125. New features were also implemented! MODX community members have made the logical decision to plan a second event on the 7th of July, 2017. This time it will take place in Munich, Germany, at the location of the 2015 MODXpo: Kochan & Partner offices.

For those who have missed it so far, the goal of the Bug Hunt is to dig into Github Issues, analyze Pull Requests, determine what is relevant and help resolve problems to make MODX Revolution even better!

It’s also a chance for the MODX Community to again work together, rekindle working relationships, exchange ideas, and build to a common goal: Creative Freedom!

You'll definitely learn new things, because the Bug Hunt brings great minds together. You'll learn about: the core, different workflows, working with Git and of course programming. Maybe you'll even find somebody crazy enough to teach you some ExtJs.

Who should participate?

Everyone should feel welcomed to participate. Either remotely or in person at the Kochan & Partner offices - all skill sets are needed! From UX to web design to PHP programming and everything in between.

Participating remotely will make you feel part of Bug Hunt. While we won't have VR-setup yet, there will be a full-day livestream with interviews and the MODX Community Slack (#modxbughunt) will be the main communication channel (signup for free at

For those coding, we recommend reading the contributors guide beforehand so that you can get up and running quickly when hunting those bugs! You can read the guide here.

Win Prizes!

Participants have the chance to bring home some tall cash, win software licenses and earn some MODX Kudos!

How to Sign Up

To sign up for the Bug Hunt, go directly to the page here:

To find out more info about the MODX Bug Hunt, check out the website:

Warm-Up Party

The MODX Munich Meetup Group is hosting a warm-up party on July 6th at Kochan & Partner that starts at 7pm. Come mingle with like-minded MODX users and celebrate with them! You can sign up separately here:

The Bug Hunt is Looking for Sponsors

In order to help make this event a success we are needing partners to help take care of prizes, food and drink. Come join the MODX Bug Hunt Team and get your name and logo stamped on this great event. It will be live-streamed the whole day, which gives you amazing exposure to the MODX Community!

The MODX Bug Hunt Team would like to thank their sponsors:, Kochan & Partner, Sterc Internet & Marketing, modmore, MODX Systems, MODSTOREpro, MODHOSTpro, Jet Brains, and Stickermule.

Watch us on the live video-stream or join us on the Slack channel or be with us live in the office! Participate and help make for another memorable MODX event in 2017!

In name of the MODX Bug Hunt Team, I wish everyone a wonderful week!

Ben Davis
MODX Ambassador in Munich, Germany.

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