Creative Freedom in a World Full of Themes

Your software should never dictate how you build your site. Discover what true creative freedom means for the web.

By Ryan Thrash  |  Updated: July 17, 2020  |  2 min read
Creative Freedom in a World Full of Themes

Let’s be honest: “Creative Freedom” sounds like something from a marketing buzzword glossary.

But with MODX Revolution, there is power and sincerity behind the phrase. Giving website builders Creative Freedom was why we created Revo in the first place. Creative Freedom is neither a slapped-on platitude nor vapid marketing promise.

What does “Creative Freedom” mean?

Delivering on the promise of Creative Freedom means you are 100% in control, 100%. We don’t force you to use cumbersome, limited or difficult to control theme systems. As an example, with the first release of our CMS in 2005, you could have powered a fully accessible, mobile responsive HTML5/CSS3 website, even though those technologies didn’t exist at the time. Today, you can use MODX Revolution to power almost any type of website you desire:

  • HTML5/CSS3 and beyond—build a modern website using the latest web standards, even those that come along in the future
  • No Waiting for Advanced Techniques—while most platforms require updates to the template engines to take advantage of modern techniques, you are never left waiting with MODX
  • Omni-channel Content—create views of the same content for different channels … HTML for your website, JSON for your native mobile app, or XML for legacy systems integration
  • 100% control of you markup—output exactly what you want, how you want it (this is the secret of why MODX is such a powerhouse for SEO CMS)

Benefits for Organizations

MODX frees you to create whatever you want. Never again will you have to be limited to what a theme or a plugin locks you into…

  • Adopt the latest digital marketing techniques without waiting on your website software to catch up
  • No compromise on brand standards due to the templating and design limitations of other website platforms

For End Users & Site Builders

  • Give your boss exactly the website, intranet or microsite they wish, fast
  • Dominate SEO by adapting and updating your templates and content with ranking factors over time
  • Never again hear the phrase, “but our CMS can’t do that” again