Email Marketing

Learn about options for email marketing in MODX Revolution—still the highest-converting method of communicating with customers and prospects.

By Ryan Thrash  |  Updated: June 6, 2018  |  2 min read
Email Marketing

Email Marketing in MODX Revolution

Email is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers—even today in a world full of spam. Time and again, it proves to outperform almost anything. Here's a shortlist of why:

  1. Cost Effective—reach users for only fractions of pennies per individual message sent
  2. Targetted—your list is made of people who've opted into receiving your information
  3. Builds your brand—with every message you send, you're reinforcing your brand value
  4. Sharable—nothing beats a referral from a trusted friend forwarding an email message
  5. Measurable—figure out what types of messages perform the best, and send more of them

MODX Extras to help with Email Marketing

  • modMailchimp—sign up for MailChimp lists directly from within your MODX sites
  • mChimpXFormit hook to sign up users who submit email forms to MailChimp lists
  • Chimpx—create, duplicate and manaage MailChimp campaigns directly within MODX Revolution
  • Campaign Monitor Integration—create, manage and control your Campaign Monitor campaigns directly within MODX Revolution
  • ConstantContact—sign up for Constant Contact lists directly from within your MODX sites
  • virtuNewsletter—use MODX web pages as email templates to send newsletters to your users
  • EmailResource—allows you to send a complete page in MODX with inlined CSS
  • Eletters—sign up for Constant Contact lists directly from within your MODX sites
  • amazonSES mailing list—send bulk email with Amazon SES, a very cost-effective outbound mail provider

If you are not doing email marketing often—or at all—it's time to start, today.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Benefits for Organizations

  • More choices means you can easily link to the email marketing platform of your choice
  • Internal options leveraging your own email infrastructure, or leverage third-party Email Service Providers

For End Users & Site Builders

  • Segment and communicate with your MODX users, straight from MODX
  • Third-party ESPs ensure reliable email delivery, freeing you to focus on your messaging