Enterprise Web Content Management

Explore why Enterprise WCM projects don’t always have to end in blown budgets and deadlines.

By Ryan Thrash
April 23, 2016
Enterprise Web Content Management

The Enterprise Web Content Management Myth

Content drives search, keeps visitors engaged, and helps the right customers find your products or services. That’s why it’s critical your entire organization is aligned on what is shown to visitors, and when it is published. Content authors, editors, business unit owners and legal can be involved in sign off prior to publishing content live.

Traditional Enterprise WCM (web content management) vendors will try to convince you the process and proprietary tools to properly create compelling content are only available from them … but this just is not true. What they fail to relay, is the parts that ultimately form the basis of their solution can lead to huge budgets that frequently are blown, overly-complex systems, long learning curves, and far too often only partial or failed implementations resulting in hundreds of thousands, or millions, of wasted dollars.

Your Content Strategy is a key consideration, too. As is publishing to multiple channels beyond just your website, including juggernauts like Facebook and LinkedIn, but also alerting social channels when you publish new content. Being able to agilely and quickly adpat to changing content strategy, is not exactly the realm of most legacy WCM vendors.

The MODX Revolution

But, there is an alternative in MODX Revolution. By carefully curating a few commercial and Open Source and Commercial Extras, getting expert assistance in configuring your deployment to your exact requirements, you can have a true Enterprise WCM platform that perfrectly fits your organization and strategy—something legacy vendors sell hard, but rarely deliver. With MODX Revolution, you actually can serve many masters, as different parts of your organization will have different authoring and content governance constraints.

  • Marketing wants a Rich Text Editor like MS Word, but your support team wants to quickly create new documentation using Markdown
  • Everyone wants versioning in case you need to roll back to previous versions of the content
  • New product pages have to go through product owners and legal before they can be published, meaning Publishing Approval Workflows are required
  • Staging environments on separate infrastructure can (finally!) easily and selectively publish content to the public-facing production environment

Other reasons to choose MODX Revolution

  • Create Amazing Content, Quickly, Painlessly, Intuitively—MODX Revolution can be intuitively configured to the point that the hardest thing about using it is remebering your login credentials. In fact, it can even be so easy, even your CEO can use it.

  • Accessibility—Accessibility to people of all abilities is not only the right thing; in many cases it's the law. MODX Revolution’s accessible Manager theme accomodates all stakeholders no matter how they interact with the Internet.

  • Integrate with the Tools you Use Today, and Tomorrow— Zapier copy, and integration examples

  • Managed Multiple Websites in a Single Environment—Whether you're a political party with hundreds of local microsites, a university, a franchisor, or multi-title publisher, MODX Revolution’s Contexts feature can power your multi-site properties while making it straightforwar to share brand assets and logins for all your stakeholders.

  • Scale for any Visitor Traffic Loads—Building a website is easy. Building one that can sustant millions of visitors in a short period of time is another matter entirely. Fortunately, MODX Revolution has done high-volume publishing for years, including sites that serve tens of millions of pagevies each month by leveraging multiple servers and advanced caching methods.

  • High Availability—Deploy your website across multiple data centers to ensure your site is served close to visitors and to make sure your site stays on even in the event of catastrphic failures in a data center or during maintenance windows that would normally see downtime.

  • Multi-language Done Right—Multi-language websites can significantly increase visitor conversion and engagement. However, managing content in multiple languages requires a solid methodology, the right technology and linguistic and subject-matter proficiency. MODX Revolution makes it easy to accomodate both.

Benefits of Enterprise WCM

Benefits for Organizations

  • More flexible, customizable platform built on modern coding standards
  • Consolidate web properties to reduce management and infrastructure overhead
  • Multi-language that's actually manageable
  • Deploy in multiple data-centers to maximize uptime and visitor trust and engagement

For End Users & Site Builders

  • Give your boss exactly the website, intranet or microsite they wish, fast
  • Easy back-end Manager application that’s intuitive and easy to adopt—almost no training required
  • Integrate with cutting edge tools and services with Zapier without waiting on your ECM vendor to get it together