Evolution CMS Has a New Home

Today MODX is recognizing Evolution CMS as an independent project and officially giving the keys to the awesome team that’s managed it for years.

By Ryan Thrash  |  Updated: August 23, 2017  |  1 min read
Evolution CMS Has a New Home

In 2004, what ultimately became Evolution CMS was born—“Evo” for short. Since then, there have been millions of downloads powering hundreds of thousands of sites across the web.

In 2016, MODX turned over Evo to its current leadership team to focus on MODX Revolution CMS. Since the current Evo team has been solely responsible for its development and releases for the last few years, it is only fair to give them the autonomy and recognition they deserve.

Today we’re formally recognizing this transition and handing over the keys to Evolution CMS.

Evolution CMS has an established community, long history and will be managed as an independent project going forward. Other than removing “MODX” from its name, there is nothing different from the Evo of the last few years. From today forward, all future Evo information and announcements can be found on its new website at evo.im.

The existing Evo support forums on MODX.com will stay online, as we navigate the process of finding a new home for all the MODX forums as a whole; ditto for the Evo Extras.

We hope this transition to a team devoted to the success of Evolution CMS ensures its longevity and is welcome news to Evo users everywhere.

Visit evo.im