Flexible & Secure Extras

Explore MODX’s malleable, performant and secure Extras to add functionality to your site.

By Ryan Thrash  |  Updated: September 9, 2020  |  2 min read
Flexible & Secure Extras

MODX Extras make your site

yours Adding functionality to your website often involves installing a Plugin, Module, Extension, Widget, Add-on or Extra depending on your platform’s lingo.

If you need slightly different functionality, in most CMSs that frequently means choosing a different one. Before you know it, your site can be clogged with dozens of Plugins—or more. This can take a toll on your site’s performance, or worse, adding more and more Plugins increases the risk of compromise.

The paradox of too much choice

Finding the right plugin can be an exercise in frustration in knowing what to choose and how to narrow down your choices. As an example, search WordPress plugins for “navigation”, and it stops returning results at 1000. How many more are there? Which one do you choose? What is the quality of the code? Is it secure?

The quantity of available Plugins is not an indicator of quality for either the platform or the add-ons themselves.

Flexibility in MODX Revolution

In MODX, most Extras are highly malleable and configurable. They can be used for a variety of needs. For example, with getResources, a MODX Extra for listing or repurposing existing site content, you can create many solutions:

  • Blogs
  • Product catalogs
  • Directories
  • Store locators
  • Galleries
  • FAQ Lists
  • And more…

With a handful of proven and secure Extras, you can create an amazing website quickly in MODX. It will have a smaller footprint for hackers to attack. It will remain easier to upgrade, and will not be as likely to bog down under dozens of bloated extensions.

Benefits for Organizations

  • MODX Revolution Extras can be configured to meet your specific requirements
  • High quality, secure Extras
  • Flexibile, multi-purpose Extras allows you to do more with less

For End Users & Site Builders

  • Work fast and prototype virtually anything with a handful of Extras
  • Hundreds of pre-existing and highly flexible Extras support almost anything you need to do—enough to provide choice without being overhwelming