Get Ready for Revolution 2.1: RC1 Out Now

MODX Revolution 2.1 is almost here.

By Jay Gilmore  |  Updated: March 29, 2019  |  2 min read
Get Ready for Revolution 2.1: RC1 Out Now

MODX Revolution 2.1 is almost here. Today we announced the release of Revolution 2.1.0-RC1.

We are very excited that we've added native support for Microsoft SQL Server. This means if your clients' IT departments run on an MS stack you can deliver without having to also sell a LAMP stack too.

Other major changes in Revolution 2.1 include:

  • Major Caching Improvements: The caching system has been restructured to vastly improve caching times. It now properly implements file locking, partitioning and multiple format support. We've seen cache file sizes drop to nearly 30% of their prior size or more with the system, and page load time significantly decrease. The context cache is also now pre-generated before the existing cache is overwritten, ensuring your site remains available even with vast numbers of resources.
  • More Secure Password storage as Revolution 2.1 introduces the use of the PBKDF2 which replaces MD5. We've also included structural changes to allow future features and customizations to the password settings.
  • Template Variable Improvements adding Input Options to allow you to control how particular TV types treat the data in the Manager to add validations, paths or other parameters.
  • New URI Editing and Freezing. You can now customize a resource's URL independently from the Friendly URL settings and tree path (essentially overrides the alias and alias path).If you have a resource located at /blog/2010/01/really-important.html you can set it to be called /really-important.html. This also means that if you decide to move it elsewhere in the resource structure the URL remains the same.
  • Removal of all deprecated MODX Evolution Code which loses several thousand lines of code, lightens the distributions and will make future development simpler.
<p>We are working on documenting how some of the major changes such as the removal of the deprecated methods and multiple DB support will affect your development in MODX both here and in the docs. If you have specific questions about how these changes affect you, please post them in the forums.</p>

<p>We need your help to make Revolution 2.1 another incredible release. We need you to test installations in sandboxed environments (don't upgrade your valuable production site yet), Extras developers, we need you to test and update your Extras to ensure they no longer rely on the removed API methods and if you want to allow your Extra to be used on other DB platforms to make use of the standard xPDO methods and to regenerate the schemas. If you have custom code in your site you should also make sure your custom code works so you are ready for upgrade when 2.1.0-pl lands.</p>

<p>For further details on MODX Revolution 2.1 RC1, please check out <a href=",62831.0.html" title="Revolution 2.1 RC1 Adds MS SQL Support and Needs Your Help for Final Release">the forum announcement</a>.</p>