Guiding the Future of MODX and an Overdue Refresh

In looking to 2017 and beyond, we wanted to put our best foot forward at MODX. Over the last year, we considered many things that haven't been acted upon in a long time and picked two key initiatives : the MAB and a new

By Ryan Thrash
October 31, 2016
Guiding the Future of MODX and an Overdue Refresh


The MODX Advisory Board—the “MAB”—is the most important thing for the MODX Community since its inception. It serves as a trusted body to help direct and plan the future of MODX, covering topics ranging from governance, to the software roadmap, to promotions and events.

The MAB has been quietly working for months to lay a foundation and to organize initial plans and proposals. The MAB operates transparently, sharing recommendations and other important information on the MODX website and other public channels like Google Drive folders, Github and Trello. The MAB has already finalized a charter, created policies, and is working on more than a dozen recommendations. If you’re interested in MODX’s future plans and direction, check out the MAB section on the new MODX website:

Speaking of a New…

We’re happy to announce a new website for MODX. We wanted to accomplish some key things with the new site:

  • Resolve the longstanding lack of a mobile/responsive design, with a solid foundation for introducing new technologies like Google AMP, and
  • A CMS section that better exposes the benefits of MODX Revolution, with topics applicable to Site Builders/Owners, Business-to-Business users and the Enterprise. While this section will grow in the coming weeks and months, its current articles help users find information relevant to helping them learn about and evaluate MODX software, and
  • A Cloud section to help people understand when MODX Cloud makes sense. Key to this is elaborating how it differs from traditional commodity web hosts, with a fully-managed and maintained software and platform stack that make maintaining sites and performing content staging workflow a breeze—even for non-technical users, and
  • Better organization and editing of other sections like Services, Community and [Learning](). Have more flexibility to add new sections as needed, and
  • Make it super-fast and easy for MODX site owners who’ve lost contact with their developers or that need emergency, on-demand support to be able to do so, fast.

We still have a lot of work remaining on the site, but we’ve put a nice dent into the work.

Thank You

I’d like to thank all the MAB members and the team at MODX. They’ve put in a lot of time and hard work in preparation for ushering in the next amazing phase of MODX.