How to Find or Be Listed as MODX Experts

by Ryan Thrash

Published on March 28, 2018

MODX Professionals are vetted, high-quality service providers who build sites for people in MODX. If you need help with an existing MODX site or a new project, the MODX Professionals are a great resource.

Pros actively use MODX and we even have checked multiple references about the quality of their work—more than a few have been turned down. In short, they’re MODX experts located around the world with various skillsets who would love to help you create a fantastic MODX website. Until today, this has been a paid monthly listing.

While the Professionals directory has been tremendously productive for some, others have not had as much success. We want it to be incredibly valuable for everyone, and for it to become a much more extensive resource with more service providers listed. As such, we’re completely revamping the Professionals Directory to make it more useful for people looking for help with MODX, and those that can provide it.

Three Tiers

There will be three tiers of MODX Professionals moving forward:


The first tier will essentially look and work as it has in the past, except there will not be any monthly fees. Anyone will be able to contact you directly without filling out a tedious form.

Lead Sharing

The next tier will participate in lead generation and visually look identical to the Standard listings. Every month we get dozens of inquiries through forms on MODX in addition to the ones that already go directly to Pros from the directory.

Moving forward, we want to push all custom and site-building projects to MODX Professionals. To receive leads, you must have an active MODX Cloud account, and while we hope you’ll put your clients in Cloud, doing so is not a requirement. We will use Cloud to collaborate as needed with Professionals and to share helpful resources which may be created in the future.

To increase the number of leads coming in, we’re further redesigning the MODX website and making it easier for site owners to request help. We also are discussing strategies for online advertising to help remind site visitors about MODX, even when they’re not on the site.

MODX Partner

Finally we’re introducing a new premiere tier which brings back aspects of our original Partner program. In addition to being prominently featured on the MODX website, our Partners will get the first opportunity to follow-up with leads that meet their typical project billing threshold and the project requirements.

To qualify at the Partner-level, we first have to audit multiple sites you’ve built (with a thumbs-up from us), and you have to participate in revenue sharing for projects and new customers generated through MODX Partners will be limited in number, and will not be available to solo freelancers.

Lead Distribution & Business Development

Available leads will be distributed in a new members-only message board. They will be available to those that match the project profile. For example, we anticipate some will be limited to providers in specific regions or with particular skill sets.

For Partners, we will be happy to do joint business development calls and introductions. We have seen this be quite successful in the past in helping people win jobs.

We likewise will follow up with customers who reach out for MODX help. This will not only ensure they have a great experience but also help our MODX Pros win more jobs. If a Pro gets too many “we wouldn’t work with them again” reviews, they will be removed them from the directory.

Changes Start Today

If you previously canceled due to the cost or performance, you can reactivate your listing for free, as you’ve already been vetted. For new Pros, there may be an application fee to cover a portion of the administrative time we spend in processing applications, but there will not be any recurring monthly charges.

If you previously canceled for any reason, you can reactivate your listing, as you’ve already had your references checked. For new Pros, there may be an application fee to cover a portion of the administrative time required to process applications and check references, but there will not be recurring monthly fees.

You’ll also soon see a completely revamped MODX site that removes all Agency-like aspects—we don’t want to give the impression we’re in competition with MODX site builders. We will help people with emergencies, simple maintenance, and site audits like other software vendors, but the custom work and projects will go to the MODX Pros and Partners.

Combined with the MODX3 launch this coming June, we expect an uptick in the MODX ecosystem and demand for MODX work around the world. We hope you’re as excited about these changes and look forward to revealing the new site. There’s a lot to do between now and then!

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