MODX Cloud Year in Review

Looking back at 2023, and forward to what’s next

By Ryan Thrash  |  January 29, 2024  |  3 min read
MODX Cloud Year in Review

Since its release, MODX Cloud has thrived as a high-performance, secure web host for important PHP websites—especially MODX-powered ones! Our new and always-improving tools give website owners, content teams, and web developers a powerful collaborative experience.

MODX Cloud streamlines the tasks and shortens the time needed to create, update, maintain, and work together on websites, while also enhancing security and page load speed.

Here are some of the enhancements we released in 2023:

Cloud Edge – Cloud Edge is our new website security and performance add-on powered by Cloudflare Enterprise. If you rely on your site for generating leads, speed is your best friend that proves to boost visitor engagement and search engine rank and Cloudflare’s WAF adds yet another layer of protection for your site.

Site Transfers – many digital agencies and freelancers have customers who want to own their own hosting account. Site Transfers make this super-easy, and making sure the account is properly configured.

Backstage – for the ultimate way to collaborate on content with selective staging, Backstage has your back. You can see a demo video on our YouTube channel at

More Flexible Backups – in addition to nightlies, you can now set your site up to retain weekly, monthly, and annual backups.

Better Plans – our new Base and Pro plans for 2024 come with more Vault storage, so you can take advantage of those better backups above and all plans now include your first production website. All new plans gain access to our Promote Snapshot templates, another handy content staging option.

MODXperts on Demand – for regular support like upgrades, enhancements, performance optimization, consulting, or updates, our MODXperts on Demand service brings proven MODX expertise to all the sites in your account.

Dashboard Speed – for larger agency accounts, you should find the speed and performance in the Dashboard to be improved so there’s less waiting when you’re managing your sites.

Get Even More in Early 2024

For a limited time, we’re offering two free months for people who subscribe or switch to annual plans (up from one) as well as making Backstage free to all current and new subscribers that deploy it before the end of February in perpetuity. Our 60-day money-back guarantee with free initial site migration makes starting even easier.

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What’s Next

We’re continuing to work hard on making MODX Cloud even better.

We’re currently rolling out PHP 8.2 and 8.3 support, adding more features to Cloud Edge, enhancing Backstage to address more staging workflows, and are working on making it even easier for digital agencies to work with their customers.

Finally, we will be retiring account name Cloud URLs in the near future. I.e., will be replaced by the randomized internal URL like This enhances security as all URLs serve over HTTPS.

Tell Us What You Want

We'd love to hear from you and to learn what you'd like to see in MODX Cloud. Please open a ticket or use our contact form on the MODX website to let us know. We look forward to continuing to improve MODX and MODX Cloud in 2024 and beyond.