MODX Evolution 1.2

The community-based MODX Evolution team has released Evolution 1.2. It closes a significant set of vulnerabilities that exist in every version prior to 1.2. It also brings forward many new features and improvements that there’s just far too many to mention in this brief introduction. In fact, there are more than 1200 commits to this release of MODX Evolution, making it the biggest release to date.

This is release includes critical security enhancements and should be considered a mandatory upgrade.

Download Evolution Upgrade Instructions Install Instructions

Highlights Evo 1.2

Here are some highlights of MODX Evolution 1.2:

  • Corrected issue allowing Evolution sites to be compromised using several Extras
  • Updated TinyMCE in the Manager to 4.0 which includes new themes and more
  • New default Manager theme called MODxRE2
  • Changes to the Resource Tree, providing quick access to Elements, Files and etc.
  • New start page on new installs based on Bootstrap 3
  • New Output Modifiers in the core, including conditionals
  • New Manager User roles for better, more granular access for site administrators
  • Language overrides in the Manager
  • Upgrade jQuery in Manager
  • For a list of all of the changes in Evolution 1.2 read the changelog

Upgrading Is Critical

We cannot stress the importance of diligently upgrading to the latest version of MODX enough. While no software is 100% secure, powering your site with the most current version usually helps protect you from hackers that rely on exploiting outdated software. If you’re not sure what version of MODX Evolution you’re running, login to your website Manager and it should be in the upper right hand corner—possibly left, if extremely old.

If you need help upgrading your site, please contact your website builder, find a MODX Professional or get in touch with MODX Support.

MODX Evolution 1.2 was developed, managed and released by the dedicated team of community members, shown in order by number of contributions.

  • Mananori Yamamoto (yama)
  • Dennis Helfensteller (Deesen)
  • Nicola Lambathakis (Nicola1971)
  • Dmytro Lukianenko (Dmi3yy)
  • Piotr Matysiak (pmfx)
  • Sergey Davydov (MrSwed)
  • (bossloper)
  • fourroses666, Fr3ddy7, mcparana, amaksymiuk, vhollo, poh-am, ricardo-lewis, typhoon2099, esszett, Jako

The MODX Evolution team would like to send a special thanks to all translators and testers!

Download Evo 1.2:

You can download the latest version of MODX Evo from the following sources:

Install, Upgrade and More Links

For those users who are interested in using Evo, but are unsure where to begin:

New Features and Changes


  • New default Theme MODxRE2
  • TinyMCE4 is now default richtext-editor, featuring
    • custom themes (every TinyMCE parameter can now be set)
    • turning introtext into richtext-editor
    • different themes per Richtext-TV
    • frontpage inline-editing
    • improved custom-parameters
  • Revised lock-mechanism for locking multiple resources and elements when editing

New Starter-Template based on Bootstrap3



Moved “Sort menuindex” from DocManager to Resource-tree (modxcms/evolution#618, modxcms/evolution#636)

  • Sort Resources in Root: Click Button “Sort menu index” on top of resource-tree
  • Sort Resources of Parent Resource: Right mouse-click on parent, then choose “Sort menu index”

New “Manage Elements” Buttons (modxcms/evolution#669)
You can quick-access elements, files and images now directly from ressource-tree. Use Shift-Mouseclick to open multiple windows/elements. Permission is granted using new roles “assets_images” and “assets_files”.

Remember last sort-options (modxcms/evolution#618, modxcms/evolution#636)
The ressource-tree stores now the last set sort-options per user to database (Sort by, Asc/Desc, Display-Name). At manager log-in, last settings of each user get restored.

New plugin “ElementsInTree” v1.2.0 (
This plugin has been added to default installation. Use Shift-Mouseclick to collapse/expand all categories. Collapsed states per category will be remembered via browser´s localStorage.


New Modifiers/Filters in Core (PHx)
Can be disabled in MODX-configuration. More information at modxcms/evolution#623

Snippet - Shortcut param = true


will automatically be handled as:


while param=`` will still be handled as empty value.

Output value of $_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_SERVER, $_SESSION


New Conditional Tags <@IF>, <@ELSEIF>, <@ELSE>, <@ENDIF> and Modifiers

Can be enabled/disabled via Configuration -> “Enable Filters”. More examples at modxcms/evolution#622 and modxcms/evolution#623. Performance is good because it does not parse the block which is judged false. Example:


Top page
Sub page

In combination with $_GET :

Value is numeric.
Value is not numeric.




Combination with Cross-references (modxcms/evolution@956c9ae)


New Comment Tag
Comment-Tags will be completely removed from output. More information at modxcms/evolution#680. Example:

<!--@- This is a comment -@-->
<@- Or HTML-Code / Snippets etc you want to disable temporarily -@-->

New Chunk Parameters
It is possible to pass properties/values to a chunk. More information at modxcms/evolution#625. Example:




{{chunkName? &title='First post' &body='Hello World!'}}

File-binded Templates via @INCLUDE
Templates can be included via @INCLUDE using external PHP- & HTML-files. More information at modxcms/evolution#627. Examples:

HTML Template:


PHP Template:

@INCLUDE:assets/templates/mydesign/ :

switch($modx->documentIdentifier) {
    case $modx->config['site_start']:
        return file_get_contents('assets/templates/mydesign/top.html');
        return file_get_contents('assets/templates/mydesign/page.html');

Snippet-calls improved and supporting Modifiers


[[snippet Name]]


[[snippet Name?param=`value`]]

[[snippetName? &param=`value`]]

[[snippetName ? &param=`value`]]

[[snippetName &param=`value`]]



[[snippet Name?




[[snippetName:modifier ?







Wayfinder Debug-Mode
More information at modxcms/evolution#719


New Manager Roles

A user with this permission can change resource-type (webpage/weblink). More information at modxcms/evolution#531

assets_images, assets_files
Controls the display of 2 new buttons in resource-tree and grants/blocks access to KCFinder. More information at modxcms/evolution#681

This permission control the display of locks inside resource-tree. When having permission “remove_locks”, locks can be released by a single click.


@BINDINGS providing TV-values
[*tv_name*] will be replaced by its value taken from actual resource. Beware of SQL-Errors in case no or wrong value is given (set a reasonable default-value to avoid errors). More information at modxcms/evolution#699. Example:

@SELECT name,value FROM xxx WHERE yyy = [*tv_name*]

Language Overrides

Can be implemented by adding files to /manager/includes/lang/override/. Files in this directory will never get altered by future updates.

Other Important Details for Developers

  • jQuery updated to v3.1 and loaded into manager by default.
  • Known issues: MultiTV 2.0.8 has problems with row-reordering and requires an update. Meanwhile a workaround can be found at

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