MODX is Looking for a Marketer

By Ryan Thrash  |  Updated: November 19, 2021  |  2 min read
MODX is Looking for a Marketer

MODX has historically done little marketing beyond the occasional blog and social posts—you could rightfully say we’ve done an great job of marketing poorly. However, with a new website, updated messaging, and a major 3.0 release on the horizon, it’s time to reintroduce MODX to the world, sharing its benefits of speed, security, flexibility—and most importantly—creative freedom.

We are looking for a marketer or marketing agency with stellar strategic communication skills to reintroduce MODX to the world. Successful candidates will help distill the MODX brand into strategic USPs, create messaging, work with designers on sales collateral, and support any other marketing communication needs that arise.

Immediate Needs

  • Webinar development, including post-webinar drip campaign
  • Email list signup, segmentation, engagement, and maintenance campaigns
  • Content marketing plan, including blogs, social posts, videos, and webinars

Ongoing Needs

  • Weekly execution of email, social, and/or blog posts
  • Release announcements and coordinations
  • MODX Professional outreach to improve job referral frequency and fit
  • Retargeting/online advertising campaigns
  • Landing page messaging/execution
  • Success stories
  • Community engagement
  • Migration guides from other platforms


  • You have experience executing work for global tech businesses
  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Good English speaking skills
  • You can turn loose marketing ideas into well thought out, strategic, measurable, and high-quality campaigns
  • Be available for asynchronous communication via Basecamp, occasional ad hoc discussions via Slack, and a weekly Zoom meeting during US business hours

Extra Consideration Given

  • You are a member of the MODX Community or understand and have experience with other Open Source communities
  • You have helped manage or create influencer or product evangelism programs
  • You have helped produce online and/or in-person conferences
  • You have MODX development experience
  • You are able to create animations and produce/edit videos
  • You can handle the designer role, too


Initially, we’ll decide on 1-2 fixed-bid projects to execute. If we decide to continue working together, we can transition to a monthly retainer.

MODX is making big changes. We look forward to building the right team to help us succeed.