MODX Meetups: The Start of Something Big

By Jay Gilmore
May 21, 2011
MODX Meetups: The Start of Something Big

Since we launched the Organize a Meetup or User Group forum back in March, we've seen lots of activity and people showing interest and making tentative plans in cities and regions throughout the world. Recently the MODX Meetups sprang to life in several cities and the ball is now rolling.


Starting with a small meetup in Halifax, NS (near where I live) a few MODX folks: Iain MacLeod, Rob Currie, Ryan Deschamps, and MODX neophyte Gavin Anderegg shared a few rounds and talked about MODX development, working with clients and agencies, and what MODX meant to their business. Ryan, who was moving away the following week shared how he used MODX at the Halifax Public Libraries for a number of projects (more on that soon).


Anselm Hannemann of Novolo Designagentur, a MODX Solution Partner from Munich, organized the first of many upcoming meetups in Germany, held on Monday May 16. It was a gathering of 5—including another Solution Partner, Benjamin Davis and two attendees who only just learned of MODX. Conversations included the changes and updates in the upcoming Revolution 2.1, strategies for building sites and more. Anselm expects there will be a meetup every other month and said the next one is planned for July.


Our biggest event so far was this past Thursday, the 19th of May, in Houston, Texas at the Caroline Collective. Organized by Sal Baldovinos, Billy Koch with assistance from Kelsey Ruger, it ended up being a standing room only event with nearly 30 people in attendance. MODX Team members Ryan Thrash, Kevin Marvin, James Bohan-Pitt and Alex Einspruch made the 5 hour trek from Dallas to attend and participate.

The evening started with introductions from everyone then Ryan shared news about Revolution 2.1, plans for MODX in the coming year and much more. Aaron Baxter from Method21 presented a demo of an internationalized, multi-context site for a musical instrument company. There were many questions and answers, shared ideas and strategies for various scenarios.

Billy shared this about the meetup:

"The Houston MODX Meetup was an outstanding success. We had a mix of about 30 people who were experienced MODXers and new folks who have never been exposed to MODX all. Everyone really enjoyed it and learned a new thing or two and now we are looking into setting up our next MODX meetup—otentially a Codejam as suggested by Kelsey from Chaione."

"And the presence of three Web Development shops - ChaiOne, Method21, and TopSpot Internet Marketing to the Houston MODX Meetup only shows the commitment people are now making to MODX and its growth"

Next...Twin Cities and Beyond

The next scheduled MODX Meetup will be in Minnapolis/St. Paul this Tuesday May 24th, 2011. If you are in the area you are welcome to attend, well known community member author of Bob's Guides, Bob Ray will be in attendance and may share details of his upcoming and much anticipated book on MODX.

If you want to attend a MODX Meetup or join a User Group, check out the forum to see if there are other people in your area; if not, start your own thread and lets get it going.