MODX Recap Jan 2024

The latest developments in the world of MODX … ICYMI

By Ryan Thrash  |  January 26, 2024  |  3 min read
MODX Recap Jan 2024

Let it Snow (Up)

This will be the fifth years that Fabien Chrinstensen of Pixmil will host a MODX Snowup in a 100 year old guest house located at a ski resort in Engelberg, Switzerland.

Expect amazing skiing and snowboarding in the Swiss Alps, epic views, tons of fun, and a fair bit of hacking on and learning about MODX Revolution. There are beds available in the guest house for ~40 Euros/night, or you can opt for more modern accommodations at the ski resort. Up to 25 people can cook, eat, drink, laugh and learn together at the Gasthaus Grünenwald.

Learn More and Register to Attend the MODX Snowup

Featured Tools & Extras

Intellisense for MODX for Visual Studio Code

If you use Visual Studio Code (VS Code) to develop sites for MODX, community member Gulomov Bakhtovar has published a powerful VS Code Extension designed to enhance your MODX development experience.

Intellisense for MODX brings syntax highlighting and autocompletion for Resource field tags, System Settings, Output Filters/Modifiers, and various Snippets—such as pdoTools, FormIt, FetchIt, and miniShop2. Additionally, the extension includes support for the Fenom template engine.

Boost your MODX development productivity and efficiency in VS Code today! Learn more about Intellisense for MODX.

VersionX 3.0 Preview

Mark and the modmore team have been hard at work on a major update to VersionX, an essential MODX Extra for any site. From automatically combining deltas over time to save space, to only storing the things that are changed, this is a huge upgrade in efficiency and usability.

Check out Mark’s video preview of VersionX 3.0.

Bob’s Blogs

Bob, ever the MODX educator and explorer, continues to write informative articles on topics near and dear to MODX site builders and developers. These are amazing resources to further your knowledge of how MODX works, and how to make it work most efficiently. Look for 3 or more each month in our MODX Tutorials section of the blog.

Coming Soon: MODX Revolution 2.8.7

The next release of MODX Revolution 2.8.7 will bring helpful fixes, especaily around PHP compatibility. With PHP 7 no longer supported or maintained, this is hugely important. In addition, the phpThumb dependency contains an important bugfix that makes it behave much better with PHP 7 and 8. Follow progress at Github.

Get More in MODX Cloud

MODX Cloud continues growing as an awesome tool for PHP websites, especially MODX.

Recent major improvements include rolling out all the latest PHP versions (including 8.3), Backstage selective content staging, Cloud Edge CDN/WAF powered by Cloudflare Enterprise, new plans with more Vault storage and free first site, ways for agencies and freelancers to work even better on sites with their clients, and so much more.

Through the end of February we’re making it easier to get started by offering free migrations for your first site, two months free if you pay annually, and free Backstage for life for any site that you add it to. With a 60-day money back guarantee, you should try it today.

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