MODX Revolution 2.6.3

By Jason Coward  |  \u{1F47B}  |  2 min read
MODX Revolution 2.6.3

Today we released MODX Revolution 2.6.3. It contains a single critical bug fix for a problem introduced in 2.6.2.

Fix for Broken Extras Installations with Setup Options

As noted in the changelog, there is only one change between 2.6.2 and 2.6.3:

  • Fix installation of transport packages with setup options #13861

This resolves a critical bug introduced by an enhancement released in 2.6.2.

If you haven’t upgraded to MODX Revolution 2.6.x yet, learn more from its original release announcement.

Upgrading is Important

Revolution 2.5.2 contained critical security enhancements, and if you are not yet running 2.5.2 or higher, or if you recently upgraded to 2.6.2, you should upgrade to 2.6.3 now. See below for more info.

We cannot stress the importance of diligently upgrading to the latest version of MODX enough. While no software is 100% secure, powering your site with the most current version usually helps protect you from hackers that rely on exploiting outdated software. If you're not sure what version of MODX Revolution you're running, log into your website Manager. If the version number doesn't appear in the top left-hand corner of the Manager, go to Manage>Reports>System Info.

If you need help upgrading your site, please contact your website builder, find a MODX Professional or get in touch with MODX Support.

Release contributors

We would like to thank Mark-H for his singular contribution that resolves a bug which only affects users of the 2.6.2 release.

Get Started with Revo 2.6

Here’s what you need to get started or upgrade to MODX Revolution 2.6:

Ask Not What MODX Can Do For You

MODX is possible because of the many individual community members and users that take the time to report issues, request new features, and submit code to the project. Make sure you read the documentation, post feedback and share your experiences in the MODX community forums.

On behalf of the entire MODX Team and our fantastic community of contributors, we thank you!