Revolution 2.7: An Impressive and Feature-Packed Release

We released MODX Revolution 2.7 with nearly 100 improvements including a new Trash Manager, Purge old Extras and huge Media Manager performance boost.

By Jay Gilmore  |  Updated: March 27, 2019  |  3 min read
Revolution 2.7: An Impressive and  Feature-Packed Release

The MODX team is happy to announce the release of MODX Revolution 2.7. It comes to you with an all new Trash Manager to selectively remove deleted Resources, vastly improved Media Manager performance and the ability to purge old Extra Packages to keep your install neat and tidy. Of course, there's much more. Read on below.

With nearly 100 improvements covering the entire platform, this represents a massive amount of effort by the dedicated community members and marks a new landmark for Revo site owners and users. This release allows for several new features and many enhancements along with the usual bugfixes and minor changes.

What's New

Highlights of the new features include:

  • Trash Manager offers a new interface for managing deleted Resources and selectively purging or restoring deleted resources
  • Added a system setting to control automatic_template_assignment
  • Made it possible to create MODX project using Composer
  • Added a CLI install script to use after a Composer-created project
  • Added settings for automating static elements workflow
  • Add a new event "OnBeforeRegScripts" to allow scripts to be manipulated before being added to the page

Some of the important and keenly awaited enhancements include:

  • Dramatically improved performance of Media Manager and file browser/tree in displaying images (see screencast)
  • Added a Purge button to remove old Extras Packages from Package Management
  • Enabled a middle mouse click to open links in a new tab/window
  • Added the option to copy the path to a file/folder in the MODX file tree and media browser
  • Made the path to MODX error handler class configurable
  • Implemented native PHP password hashing
  • Removed the obsolete type="text/javascript" attribute from script tags
  • Validate the target Resource ID for symlinks
  • Enable Manager Search to return any object by the corresponding ID

Trash Manager management grid for selective handling of deleted Resources

For a full list of changes, you can review the changelog for Revo 2.7.0.

Security is a Habit; Upgrade Now

As always, we recommend staying up to date with new releases. It's a good habit to keep your website as secure as possible. While there were no critical security fixes in 2.7.0, we recommend you upgrade.

It Takes a Village…

This release was made possible by our fantastic community members, including: Ivan Klimchuk, Jason Coward, Thomas Jakobi, Joshua Lückers, Mark Hamstra, Jens Külzer, sander, OptimusCrime, Joshua Lückers, Lars Bratke, Vasily Naumkin, Christian Seel, Jon Leverrier, Agel_Nash, Володя, Fabian Christen, matdave, Andrey Rychkov, Sergey Shlokov, SintezCode, Bert Kooij, Peter Bowyer, Ryan Thrash, Sander Drenth, Bob Ray, Tony Klapatch, Vasily Krakovetsky, sergant210, Jan Peca, Jesse Visser, Hitko Development, Gildas NOEL, Kudashev Serge, Maarten Wolzak, Chris Dempsey, Nikolay Lanets, and Bruno17!