A New Revolution 2.8.4 Release

MODX continues supporting the battle-proven 2.8.x codebase with a new release today.

By Jay Gilmore  |  Updated: April 29, 2022  |  2 min read
A New Revolution 2.8.4 Release

The last 2.8.3 release occurred nearly a year ago on May 28, 2021. This 2.8.4 release focuses on a few bugs, updates dependencies, and improves compatibility with newer versions of PHP. All users of the 2.8.3 and earlier should upgrade to this release if you are not ready to upgrade to MODX Revolution 3.0.1, just yet.

What’s New In Revolution 2.8.4?

  • Hide resource create button in Resource groups panel (#15833)

  • Fix active state for files in main tree (#15835)

  • Add zero-padding decimal place option for number TVs (#15840)

  • Make hidden TV’s work for weblinks, symlinks and static Resources (#16162)

  • Skip creation of thumbnails for SVGs (#15865)

  • Fix setStaticElementPath method (#15912)

  • Ignore E_DEPRECATED and E_STRICT errors in setup (#16147)

  • Update to Smarty 3.1.44 (#16146)

  • Fix issue with special characters in media source folder names (#16071)

  • Make MessageBox minWidth configurable (#15995)

  • Update to xPDO 2.8.4-pl (#16143)

  • Fix combobox not expanding if processor response is slow (#15992)

  • Improve regex for stripping MODX tags in dashboard widgets (#15964)

  • Fix disabled trash button (#15993)

  • Improve stripmodxtags output filter (#15963)

  • Remove duplicate CURLOPT_USER settings in modRest (#15949)

  • Fix isBinary check (#15900)

  • Add configurable extension for static html files (#15722)

  • Hide user settings tab based on permissions (#15756)

  • Update phpThumb v1.7.17-202109221111 (#15816)

  • Lazy load thumbnails in media browser (#15804)

  • Update PHPMailer 6.5.1 (#15808)

  • Fix image TV display via hash (#15731)

  • New edit_media_source lexicon (#15737)

  • Fix PHP 5.6 compatibility issue on system info (#15728)

Need Help Upgrading? The Garage is Open

If you’re not sure how to upgrade but would like to get your site onto the latest version of MODX Revolution, check out the MODX Garage and Speed Shop to contact the MODX team for expert assistance. We can advise you of your options.

Do I Need to Upgrade to Revo 2.8.4?

If you’re planning to stick with our older codebase while our landmark version 3 gets more time in the wild, you should absolutely upgrade to 2.8.4 in the interim. We will continue to support Revolution 2.8.x for some time, incorporating security and other important fixes, just like we’ve also done today.

Download MODX Revolution 2.8.4

If you want to start your next project or upgrade your site to our newest landmark release of MODX Revolution head click the button below or, if in MODX Cloud, choose Revolution 2.8.4 as the version to install when creating or upgrading your Cloud.

Download Revolution 2.8.4 or Create a Revo 2.8.4 Cloud