MODX3 Project Launch ( was recently deployed to celebrate the official launch of the MODX3 Project. A dedicated team is currently working on making MODX3 a reality.

By Jason Coward  |  March 15, 2018  |  3 min read
MODX3 Project Launch

MODX3 Project was recently deployed to celebrate the official launch of the MODX3 Project. A dedicated team is currently working on making MODX3 a reality. Some familiar names from the MODX Community are pushing the project forward on a daily basis including Vasily Naumkin, Mark Hamstra, Gauke Pieter Sietzema, and myself. The very talented UX designer Rinze van der Brug is providing additional support. We are also getting help from members of the community and the MODX integration team.

The Plan

For a complete plan of MODX3, please check the website. It contains a list of prospective features which we will continue to update with any additional ones we come up with as the project progresses. We are reserving budget for extra features, and we will publish examples of these as part of the weekly updates on

Contribute to MODX3

You Can Contribute to MODX3

STERC, MODX LLC, modmore, and a subsidy from the European Union (European Fund for Regional Development) are subsidizing the MODX3 project. The full budget is available here.

However, three companies cannot entirely fund a project of this size on their own. Therefore, we are seeking additional funding from sponsors and donations. These funds will be utilized to finish the project and enable us to implement extra features in MODX3, to make it even better!

Sponsors can submit the sponsor form and will get an invoice from STERC who is acting as a financial intermediary of the project. We are not defining standard packages, but any amount above € 100,- will help. We will provide optional recognition for all sponsors in a future sponsor listing. Sponsors paying over € 2.500,- can also display their logo on the project website.

Recognition on the site is also available now for those wishing to donate to the project immediately. After submitting the donation form, you can select from the following payment methods: PayPal, iDEAL, Bancontact, SOFORT Banking, bank transfer, KBC/CBC Payment Button, ING HomePay, and credit card.

A Meetup and Official MODX3 Launch

The "Kick-off MODX Northern-Netherlands" Meetup on March 7th, 2018 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, was a huge success. Forty people were in attendance.

During the event, Gauke Pieter Sietzema unveiled the ongoing work on the new community website and officially kicked off the MODX3 Project. Vasily Naumkin presented a live demo of the current state of MODX3. You can view Gauke Pieter's slides covering the MODX3 project here. Slides from Mark Hamstra's introductory talk at the meetup are also available here.

A report covering this event is already available on (in Russian). An English report will be available on shortly.