MODXpo 2020 Europe

Announcing the upcoming MODXpo Europe to be held in Heidelberg, Germany on June 4th and 5th; two days of talks and workshops of MODX and web development.

By Jay Gilmore  |  Updated: July 21, 2020  |  3 min read
MODXpo 2020 Europe

Join Us for MODXpo 2020: October 29–30, in Heidelberg, Germany

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, MODXpo 2020 has been rescheduled October 29–30.

It's been three years since the last MODXpo in Minsk, Belarus. Wow! Time flies.

With the highly anticipated release of MODX 3 and so many developments in web technology, members of the MODX community felt it was time for another community-driven, community-focused MODX event.

Your Hosts

The MODX Agency, is organizing and hosting MODXpo 2020 in the beautiful city of Heidelberg. This atmospheric city can trace its beginnings back to the fifth century and it was barely touched during the second world war. The combination of Hi-Tech and old European culture will make your MODXpo 2020 visit most memorable.

The Conference and Venue

The conference will consist of two days filled with talks and workshops, beverages and lunch, plus evening outings. The venue is the modern co-working space of Design offices. Wonderful hospitality, cozy breakout areas, and the terrace on the 5th floor, all promise to inspire you when networking with old and new members of the community.

Visit Historic Heidelberg

You may want to add on an extra day or two and wander through the authentic German streets and alleys of a truly beautiful city. The overlooking castle will give you the feeling that you've travelled back in time to the 1400s!

Stay Up-to-date

To stay up-to-date with the developments of this year's event, please make sure to bookmark and also follow the MODXpo Twitter account: @MODXpo. Organizers will publish regular updates as news unfolds.

Calling all Speakers

MODXpo's organizing team are in search of inspired MODX folks to help make a rich and memorable experience. If you have an idea or proposal for a talk, review the call for proposals to find out about presentation guidelines and submit your proposal. The organizing team will get in touch with you with any feedback.

Topics can range from the latest innovations in MODX to general web-tech themes such as modern JavaScript and PHP development methodologies, the latest UX patterns and more. The conference should cater to a wide range of web professionals!

Sponsors Needed

If you are interested in helping support this effort, please contact the organizers about sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors ensure that the event can take place and that ticket prices remain as low as possible! Remember that this is a non-profit initiative and that all proceeds will go to the event. The more that give, the more everyone will benefit!

The organizers wish to welcome MODXpo 2020s first Gold Sponsor, modmore. Thanks modmore for helping the organizing team to move forward in putting together an interesting conference!

What's next?

Add the 4th and 5th of June 29th and 30th of October to your calendar, follow MODXpo on twitter, and go to the website to get a ticket! Let's learn about the big changes coming to MODX and refresh the MODX community!

We hope to see you in Heidelberg!