Mounting Momentum for MODX Meetups

MODX Meetups are sprouting up all over. Several really great meetups last month and more to come this month. Find out where the next ones are or start one in your area.

By Jay Gilmore
June 13, 2011
Mounting Momentum for MODX Meetups

Last month there were some wonderful MODX Meetups held around the world. Since then, I've been answering lots of questions for people wanting to organize a Meetup and the momentum is growing. This is amazing and we want to make sure every MODX Meetup—no matter how large or small—is a success. First, we want to share the currently scheduled events in June and July and Second offer a couple tips to get the ball rolling in your area.

This Thursday, June, 16th will see two events in North America; Montreal and Houston. Scott Borys one member of MODX Solution Partner, is hosting the Montreal Meetup at 6:30PM at L'escalier.

The 16th also sees the 2nd Meetup in Houston, organized by Billy Koch with assistance from Sal Baldovinos from Premiere PartnerTopSpot IMS and Kelsey Ruger from Premiere Partner, ChaiOne. It will again be held at the Caroline Collective and based on the previous event with over 30 people there it is likely to have another good turnout.

On June 28th the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul will also see its 2nd Meetup, organized by Jason Bird with a number of additional attendees expected.

July will see Munich's second Meetup organized by Anselm Hannemann of Novlolo Design (date TBA) and the first Meetup to be held in the Netherlands (details TBA) being organized by Mark Hamstra of Mark Hamstra Web Development with assistance from Gauke-Pieter Sietzema of Sterc both MODX Solution Partners.

If you'd like to get a Meetup going in your local area, the first thing to do is set up a forum thread in the Meetups & Events Forum. Once you've done that you need to spread the word; you can share on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Don't just think about inviting MODX folks either. Content Management folks using other systems, Web Designers and PHP folks all might be interested in learning about MODX.

Then there are a number of ways you can attract attention to your Meetup:

  • Create a Facebook Group, although I am thinking Pages might be the better way to go here, as they enable you to monitor stats and insights for your group.
  • Share it. There are people all over the place who might be interested in MODX outside the MODX community from PHP developers to CMS consultants to Web Designers and Marketing firms. There are dozens of LinkedIn Groups from local to international groups that would be very interested in knowing about your Meetup.

I'll be posting more tips as well as compiling all suggestions into a Guide to Organizing, Promoting and Hosting a MODX Meetup. If you have any thoughts or ideas on how to build up your local MODX community, please post a comment below.