Read how Contexts removes frustration by helping you manage multiple online properties, and all your users, from a single installation.

By Ryan Thrash
May 6, 2016

Running multiple sites in MODX Revolution is straightforward; it was designed for this from day one via it’s feature called “Contexts”.

Multi-site is useful for the following scenarios:

  • Multi-language websites
  • Share brand assets across related properties
  • Franchises
  • Muliple landing pages under a single installation for marketing campaigns
  • Easire user management for multi-site organizations

MODX Revolution has advantages over many other implementations in key areas:

  • Advanced Caching—Because MODX has [high performanc caching]() baked into the core, your multi-site installations will perform quickly
  • Customizable Manager—Because MODX was architected from the ground up as a multi-site solution, it is easy to restrict authors and editors to be able to access only certain contexts. Similarly, website users can be restricted from visiting specific sites (contexts) via login.

Benefits of Multi-site

Benefits for Organizations

  • Lower total cost of ownership by consolidating infrastructure
  • Increased security from centralized authentication controls
  • Open Source means no proprietary, per-seat or annual renewing license costs

For End Users & Site Builders

  • Single login to control all your properties
  • Faster to create new sites from shared assets acropss properties
  • Easy to use day-to-day works just like a normal MODX Revolution website