Pre-Release for MODX Revolution 2.7

by Jay Gilmore

Published on November 15, 2018

Yesterday we released the first pre-release of the upcoming MODX Revolution 2.7. As we posted the other day, this marks the end to the addition of new features for the upcoming 2.7.0 public release on or around November 27.

We wish to encourage all members of the MODX community to aid with testing and reporting any new bugs introduced in the build.

Warning: This pre-release should not be used in production unless you’re okay with potential functional issues.

Download and Test

Test in MODX Cloud

If you have a MODX Cloud account, you can test the pre-release in a new MODX Cloud instance. When on the New Cloud creation page you can click on the Change Version, and from the little selection window, click to go to page 4. The version will be listed as 2.7.0-dev-2018114.

Screencapture of MODX Cloud create new Cloud

Things to test:

  • Content editing
  • System Settings
  • Installing or upgrading Extras
  • Upgrading from of a previous version (not in MODX Cloud)
  • Function of existing Extras (you may need to report Extras issues to Extras authors).

Found a Bug or Issue?

If you find a bug or issue in this pre-release verison of MODX Revolution 2.7, please report it at the GitHub project.


Many thanks in advance for your help in testing and readying.

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