Preparing for MODX Revolution 2.7 Release

Final preparations are underway for the release of MODX Revolution 2.7. This release will feature a significant number of enhancements and new features to the CMS.

By Jason Coward  |  Updated: December 21, 2018  |  1 min read
Preparing for MODX Revolution 2.7 Release

We’re nearing the completion of a new feature release of MODX Revolution. We plan to announce version 2.7, a minor release with new features that should not affect backward compatibility, on or around November 27, 2018.

Feature Deadline November 13th

To meet this release date, we’re closing acceptance of Pull Requests (PRs) for the 2.7 milestone on November 13, 2018. Once we have incorporated all PRs, we’ll publish a pre-release for testing.

Translation Deadline November 26th

We encourage translators to make sure they get their translation work into Crowdin on or before November 27th.

Pre-release for Testing November 13th

To ensure a stable release, we’ll publish a pre-release on November 13, 2018. The more testers we have for 2.7's release, the better. We may publish additional pre-releases to resolve bugs and issues before the final release of 2.7.0.


Thanks to the bug reporters, contributors, testers, and integrators for all of the time and effort they have put into this release.