MODX Revolution 2.8.6 Released

MODX continues supporting the battle-proven 2.8.x codebase with a new release, bringing security improvements, better PHP 8 compatibility, and bug fixes.

By Ryan Thrash  |  October 2, 2023  |  2 min read
MODX Revolution 2.8.6 Released

On September 28,2023, we released MODX Revolution 2.8.6. All users of 2.8.5 and earlier are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

If you’re a fan of safer websites, and fewer PHP errors with modern PHP, then this is a great release for you. It improves security, improves PHP 8.x compatibility, updates phpThumb and Smarty (key libraries used in MODX Revolution), and addresses various minor bug fixes.

It also updates the default end-user avatar type, so nobody has to have the same generic one until your users set up a gravatar account or they upload a new one. 👤

Changes in Revolution 2.8.6

  • Change default gravatar type for user (#16461)
  • Change weblink default to (#16458)
  • Fix issue with nested menu items (#16450)
  • Fix undefined variable error in modTemplateVar (#16427)
  • Harden security/profile/get processor (#16439)
  • Fix undefined global variable $_SESSION in a CLI connector (#16425)
  • Update to phpThumb 1.7.21-202307141720 (#16456)
  • Update smarty to 3.1.48 (#16419)
  • Populate scriptProperties in Resource\Locks\Steal processor (#16418)

Need Help Upgrading?

If you’re not sure how to upgrade but would like to get your site onto the latest version of MODX Revolution, check out the MODX Garage and Speed Shop to contact the MODX team for expert assistance. We can advise you of your options.

Do I Need to Upgrade to Revo 2.8.6?

You should upgrade to 2.8.6 if you plan to stick with our older codebase until you are ready to move to Revolution 3. We will continue to support Revolution 2.8.x for some time, incorporating security and other critical fixes, just like we did in today’s release.

Download MODX Revolution 2.8.6

If you want to start your next project or upgrade your site to our newest landmark release of MODX Revolution click the button below or, if in MODX Cloud, choose Revolution 2.8.6 as the version to install when creating or upgrading your Cloud.

Download Revolution 2.8.6 or Create a Revo 2.8.6 Cloud