Revolution 3.0.2 is Here

The second patch release for MODX Revolution 3 has arrived.

By Jay Gilmore  |  November 16, 2022  |  4 min read
Revolution 3.0.2 is Here

MODX Revolution 3.0 has proven to be one of our best releases ever. Today we released Revolution 3.0.2 to continue with improvements. In this release some notable fixes and improvements include enabling SVGs preview thumbnails for image TVs, added support for WebP images in the Media Browser, fixed various PHP compatibility issues and UX fixes for a number of views and inputs. See the changelog below.

An important reminder about upgrading to Revo 3: we strongly urge you to carefully read the upgrade guide before making the leap—there are many significant changes under the hood and a few of your favorite Extras may not yet be fully compatible. You should test upgrades on a clone of your site, first, when upgrading from our older 2.x branch.

What’s New In Revolution 3.0.2?

To learn more about what’s new to Revo 3 in general, you can read the original release announcement. This patch release addresses bugs and further improves UX.

  • Remove the scrolling overflow from the modx-browser panel (#16280)
  • Determine upload path based on the tree node's path attribute (#16292)
  • Fix getTag() side effects in MODX 3 (#16294)
  • Fix nested tag parsing in filters (#16288)
  • Fix ability to edit .htaccess (#16249)
  • Exclude @SELECT binding from properties check (#16286)
  • Ignore symlinks to avoid errors (#16272)
  • Enable SVG thumbnail preview for image TVs (#16271)
  • Avoid PHP warnings by only requiring deprecated.php once (#16269)
  • Fix installation for specific MySQL passwords (#16264)
  • Fix rendering of user-entered values in editable listbox-multiple TVs (#16242)
  • Check if modx-content is defined before calling doLayout (#16230)
  • Avoid instantiating namespaces, extension packages, and the OnMODXInit event - during setup (#16291)
  • Include missing Flysystem FTP adapter (#16203)
  • Correct processor action names (#16246)
  • Add support for WebP images in the Media Browser (#16235)
  • Change behavior of ENTER key in settings grid cell editor (#16220)
  • Handle package provider API error (#16217)
  • Fix fatal TypeError in modRestService (#16190)
  • Restore download listeners (#16184)
  • Fix typeahead in settings combo for Context/User section (#16176)
  • Prevent PHP warning: Undefined variable $nvalue (#16199)
  • Revert copy paths for a directory / file in tree (#16180)
  • Follow-up element lexicon and style changes (#16170)

Need Help Upgrading? The Garage is Open

If you’re not sure how to upgrade but would like to get your site onto the latest version of MODX Revolution, check out the MODX Garage and Speed Shop to contact the MODX team for expert assistance. We can advise you of your options.

Do I Need to Upgrade to Revo 3?

While we believe it’s important to your site up to date with the latest versions of our software, we also understand that this is a big change that might require preparation. We will continue to support Revolution 2.8.x for some time—incorporating security and other important fixes. So, if you’re not quite ready to move to Revo 3, make sure you upgrade to 2.8.4 (2.8.5 is coming soon).

Download MODX Revolution 3.0.2

If you want to start your next project or upgrade your site to this landmark release of MODX Revolution head click the button below or, if in MODX Cloud, choose Revolution 3.0.2 as the version to install when creating or upgrading your Cloud.

Download Revolution 3.0.2 or Create a Revo 3 Cloud