Revolution 3.0.3 Out Now

The third patch release for MODX Revolution 3 has arrived.

By Jay Gilmore  |  January 17, 2023  |  2 min read
Revolution 3.0.3 Out Now

Today we released Revolution 3.0.3. In this release we've fixed a number of bugs as well as updated some important dependency libraries. This will hopefully improve your experience working with and building in Revo. See the changelog below for specific bug fixes and additions.

An important reminder about upgrading to Revo 3: we strongly urge you to carefully read the upgrade guide before making the leap—there are many significant changes under the hood and a few of your favorite Extras may not yet be fully compatible. You should test upgrades on a clone of your site, first, when upgrading from our older 2.x branch.

What’s New In Revolution 3.0.3?

To learn more about what’s new to Revo 3 in general, you can read the original release announcement.

  • Fix cache_resource_clear_partial functionality (#16346)
  • Add new error reporting for grids (#16331)
  • Fix Validation Error When Switching TV Types (#16319)
  • Fix TypeError exceptions when restoring deleted resources (#16303)
  • Permissions Combo Fix (#16273)
  • Grid filtering via URL parameters -- Usergroup ACL (#16089)
  • Fix issues with TV Media Sources upgrading from 2.x (#16338)
  • Update legacy Element class references for PropertySets (#16337)
  • Ensure modHashing::getHash is limited to modHash instances (#16320)
  • Catch dashboard widget errors on a per-widget basis (#16289)

Do I Need to Upgrade to Revo 3?

While we believe it’s important to your site up to date with the latest versions of our software, we also understand that this is a big change that might require preparation. We will continue to support Revolution 2.8.x for some time—incorporating security and other important fixes. So, if you’re not quite ready to move to Revo 3, make sure you upgrade to 2.8.4 (2.8.5 is coming soon).

Download MODX Revolution 3.0.3

If you want to start your next project or upgrade your site to this landmark release of MODX Revolution head click the button below or, if in MODX Cloud, choose Revolution 3.0.3 as the version to install when creating or upgrading your Cloud.

Download Revolution 3.0.3 or Create a Revo 3 Cloud