Revolution Loses Weight, Runs Faster and Helps You

by Jay Gilmore

Published on December 18, 2009

On Tuesday, December 15 the MODx team released our final (yes final) Beta release of MODx Revolution 2.0.

With over 75 bugfixes, improvements and changes, there is significant new coolness that will hopefully make the life of MODx users much better. Here’s a brief but meaty list of the key improvements/changes:

  • Cleaner, more refined MODx Revolution Manager interface makes it easier on the eyes and a little more intuitive—more improvements still yet to come. The manager UI design has been improved (and will continue to be until GA).
  • Manager sheds weight (megabytes and requests), speeds up and makes your browser happy with CSS and JavaScript optimizations. The Manager feels more snappy and responsive.
  • Setup is now faster & lighter, more options, easier to customize and switches from Mootools to ExtCore. The setup process has been streamlined and is now more efficient and modular.
  • More speed, less junk, better code. MODx Revolution moves to PHP 5.1.1+. and optimized for PHP5.
  • Search, sort, review and download packages from the Manager. A brand-new, REST-based Package Management system allows for sorting, better details, and faster loading.
  • Display only Addons and Packages for your MODx Revolution Version. Package Management now restricts display and downloading Packages that aren’t supported by your MODx Revolution version.
  • Get Help from the Manager. Inline help is now available on most pages that connects directly to the MODx Official Documentation.

Read the announcement in the MODx Community Forums. Download MODx Revolution 2.0 Beta 5.

It is about time you tried MODx Revolution out. Download it now, test it, play with it, learn how to use it, report bugs and tell us what you think and we’ll get to Generally Available release sooner.

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