Solr Search with SimpleSearch

One of the common arguments I hear is that using MODX Revolution for small or simple sites is simply overkill and that pages do not perform near as well as they did in Evolution. But with some recent improvements in the 2.2.1-pl release, I can show you how to improve the front-end performance of your Revolution site by more than 40 times.

By Shaun McCormick  |  Updated: March 29, 2019  |  1 min read
Solr Search with SimpleSearch

Exciting times in MODX development are ahead.

Last Friday, we released a new version of SimpleSearch which fully supports Solr-based searching. Solr is an Apache-based search platform from the Lucene project, and is absurdly fast and accurate in its search results. We made it a priority at MODX to get this functionality into our system, and now SimpleSearch has the ability baked right in.

The official docs for SimpleSearch, which can be found here, have a nice tutorial on how to setup Solr-based search for your MODX site. It's a relatively painless process, especially if you already have a Solr instance already set up and running.

The Extra also packs in quite a few Settings to help you configure Solr just the way you like it:

MODX Revolution Settings panel settings grid for SOLR search.