Three MODX Community Events From Around the World

There are 3 community events in the next 10 weeks. One to make MODX Revo better, one with ski and fondue, and another for our Russian-speaking friends.

By Jay Gilmore
February 28, 2017
Three MODX Community Events From Around the World

There are 3 major MODX Community events happening over the next 10 weeks and you’re invited to join.

MODX Bughunt

On March 3, 2017, join the teams of Sterc, modmore and from Sterc’s offices for this inaugural, and hopefully annual, livestreamed event. The aim is to squash as many bugs in the MODX Revolution Github repository as possible on one day. This event will not only improve MODX Revolution but also help get more people involved in contributing as well as building some camaraderie within the MODX developer community.

But wait, there's more…

There's a pool of prize money. Kill bugs and you could win some real cash!

Find out more about the MODX Bughunt Day, hosted from Sterc’s offices in the Netherlands (but you can join from anywhere).


The folks from the Berlin MODX Meet-up group are headed to the hills for a weekend in La Tzoumaz, Switzerland from March 18 to 25, 2017. Plans for the event are open for discussion by attendees but may include coding or strategy discussions or some combination of the two.

Find out more about the MODX SnowUp being hosted by

MODX Meetup Kazakhstan

On April 29, 2017 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, join members of the Russian speaking MODX Community for a full-day event discussing MODX as well as hearing from several long-time community members about various projects and case studies. The Russian-speaking MODX Community is likely our largest and most passionate. You’d surely find it a great day.

Find out more about the MODX Meetup in Kazakhstan, hosted by Michael Electric (Михаил Электрика),

We Hope You Can Participate

We hope you can participate in one of these great MODX Community events. Events help people learn MODX, grow skills, make professional connections and build new partnerships. In addition, the visibiliy of MODX events around the globe show others that MODX is a vibrant and living CMS and community. Thanks to all the organizers of these wonderful events.