Getting Started

Sign a CLA

Help protect the project by signing a Contributor's License Agreement, or if you're contributing for an entire organization or company, a Corporate CLA.

Help out in the Forums

MODX has one of the liveliest, friendliest communities around. Become a part of it.

Submit a Translation

Get MODX in your language. Become a translator and let the world know about MODX.

Spread the Word about MODX

There's nothing more powerful than a personal testimony. Thousands of others are telling their friends about MODX. You can too.

Digging Deeper

Write a How-To

Remember that tutorial you read that opened up your eyes to the power of MODX? You can write one of those, too.

File Bugs and Tickets

Nothing is more helpful to an Open Source project than users filing bugs or feature requests. Be helpful.

Contribute Core Code Patches

Found a fix and want to help take MODX to the next level? Submit a patch and get your code into MODX itself.

Start a Meetup

There are thousands of MODX users worldwide. Organize a Meetup with to connect and share MODX knowledge.

Helpful Contributor Links

  • MODX Issue Tracker - For reporting bugs, improvements, and feature requests.
  • API Docs - Detailed documentation about every class, method and function in MODX.
  • MODX on GitHub - Where we host our code.

Millions Rely on MODX

In 2005, MODX could power a fully mobile-responsive website using HTML5 and CSS3, even though those technologies weren’t invented yet. And with MODX today, you’re ready not only for what you need now but also what comes next.

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