Extras Submission Agreement

The following guidelines and policies describe the terms and conditions for submitting packages (Extras) to the MODX Extras website for distribution to MODX Revolution Content Management System (MODX CMS) installations.


Assume Responsibility For Your Extras

It is the sole responsibility of the submitter to ensure that any submitted Extra complies with the guidelines outlined here. Submitters also assume responsibility for confirming they follow any terms or licenses with third-party services they include or reference in their listing or Extra. MODX reserves the right to remove Extras that do not comply with our guidelines or third-party guidelines if they are referenced in the Extra.

Provide Complete Details When Submitting Extras

All fields marked with an asterisk in the submission form are required during the submission. These fields include:

  • Extra Name: A unique name associated with your Extra, which will be used for listing and generating a URL alias.
  • Tagline: A short (up to 64 character) description of your Extra, which will be used in the grid listings.
  • Brief Description: A general description used on the overview page of your listing. This can be a maximum of 400 characters and needs to be written in English.
  • Categories: A minimum of one category needs to be selected, matching your Extra's purpose or use case.
  • Extra Website: This must link to where people can learn more about your listing or contact you. An example could be a GitHub page. This cannot be a link to a social media page or require a login to view.
  • Extra Version Number: A semantic version number of your Extra. These need to be incremental for each release.
  • Minimum Version Required: The minimum version of MODX CMS supported by your Extra.
  • Breaking Version: The maximum version of MODX CMS supported by your Extra.
  • Database Supported: The database requirement(s) supported by your Extra.
  • License: The license version with which you are releasing your Extra.

No User Tracking Without Consent

MODX CMS is used globally, so submitters must be prepared to comply with l privacy laws and regulations. You may only track users or website information with express “opt-in” permission from persons installing an Extra. It is preferred that any tracking be done in an “opt-in” method, as this allows the greatest visibility and clear consent. If an Extra has the ability to track users or website information is being submitted with tracking, you the submitter must provide documentation for the user of how the data is collected, how it is used, and a means to contact the submitter for data removal. This should be clearly linked and visible in the Extra's documentation.

MODX reserves the right to remove Extra submissions or versions that do not comply with the following standards:

  • Tracking violates a specific user's tracking policy for their country
  • Tracking is deemed to be intentionally misleading or as a requirement for use
  • Tracking is not well documented or does not clearly state the intentions
  • Tracking requires the use of or injects third-party scripts into MODX CMS
  • Information tracked is deemed a security risk or overreach, e.g. the use of $_SERVER variables or private user information.

Respect Existing Extras Names And Trademarks

The submitter must not name an extra in a way that violates a trademark or copyright of an existing company. Any extras that are not developed by a specific company but use a company’s name or service need to clearly state that they have no official connection to the company, unless they were developed in partnership with said company.

Additionally, extras should not hijack the name of an existing extra if the submitter has no current affiliation with that extra. The only exception is if it is clearly stated that this project is a fork of or designed to be compatible with a specific project.


While MODX permits the use of -alpha, -beta, and -rc versioning, Extras submitted to MODX should not result in breaking websites or data loss. MODX may remove any Extra with reports that it is directly responsible for issues in site performance, stability, or security.

Extras Must Be A Complete Package

Submitters must include all assets to make an Extra work within the package. An extra should not include links to external assets to function unless it is directly related to the integration of a MODX CMS installation with a third-party service.

Extras should be precompiled packages which do not require the user to run additional commands on the server or manually download additional libraries outside the dependency of another MODX Extra.

No Spam

Links to external sites must be kept to a minimum, and must be relevant to the submitted extra. Submitters may provide affiliate links for services directly related to an integration; however, any additional affiliate links are not permitted.

Do Not Modify The Front-end Without Explicit Approval

Extras should not inject any data into the public facing site without the user's knowledge. This includes but is not limited to submitter credits, tracking, or the inclusion of external assets. Submitters may include author credits on a manager page related to the extra, or during the installation process.

Reassignment Of Abandoned Extras

MODX reserves the right to assign a new maintainer to an Extra if the original maintainer is no longer active or available to support it. MODX will make every best effort to reach out to the original creator before reassignment. Extras authors can request additional approved contributors be added should they no longer wish to maintain an Extra themselves, but if an Extra is deemed to be abandoned for 90-days or more as a result of failure to reply to emails and reported issues, it may be reassigned to another contributor. This will ensure that MODX users can be confident in and rely on Extras that are maintained, secure, and compatible with newer PHP releases and that are developed in line with current coding practices.