MODX Advisory Board Members

Project Leadership

MODX Open Source Software Projects are led by three individuals who are responsible for the direction, operations, quality and community of the project as a whole.

Chief Architect : Jason Coward

The chief architect is responsible for the general direction of the project, defining its design principles, and preserving the integrity of its overall architecture as the platform grows and matures.

Chief Maintainer : John Peca

The chief maintainer is responsible for all aspects of quality for the project including code reviews, usability, stability, security and performance.

Chief Operator :

Committee comprised of Yee Jee “YJ” Tso (MODX, CA), Ryan Thrash (MODX, US) and Gauke Pieter “GP” Sietzema (Sterc, NL)

The chief operator is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the project including: facilitating communications amongst all the contributors; tracking release schedules; managing the relationship with downstream distributions and upstream dependencies; and helping new contributors to get involved and become successful contributors and maintainers. The role is also responsible for managing and measuring the success of the overall project and ensuring it is governed properly working in concert with the MODX Governance Advisory Board (MGAB).

Note: The Chief Operator role will evenentually be staffed by a single individual, pending funding and progress.

Founding MAB Members

The MGAB is made up of 15 individuals who represent the ecosystem, contributors and community of the MODX OS Project.


  • Thomas Jakobi (DE)
  • Romain Tripault (FR)
  • open seat

Digital Agencies

  • Philip Harvey (Active Ingredients, US)
  • Mat Jones (IdeaBank Marketing, US)
  • Gauke Pieter “GP” Sietzema (Sterc B.V., NL)
  • Christian Seel ( GmbH & Co. KG, DE)


  • Mark Hamstra (modmore, NL)
  • Vasiliy Naumkin (, RU)

Site Builders

  • JP DeVries (NL)
  • Oliver Haase-Lohbinger (mindeffects e.K., DE) open seat


Bios and contact information can be found in the MAB Bios Google Sheet.

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