Initiating a Vote

The MAB Chair and Vice-Chair may initiate a call for votes on a recommendation, nomination, or other measure that requires a vote.

If the Chair and Vice-Chair refuse to initiate a call for votes, a vote may also be initiated when one-third of the Board Members support the call for a vote.

Voting Members

Only Board Members may cast a vote. The Chief Architect and Chief Maintainer of the MODX Leadership are also granted one vote each. Votes may not be edited after they have been cast.

For votes that deal with the involvement of a specific individual or corporate entity with the MAB, such as a nomination or expulsion, affiliated individuals are excluded from the vote.


Votes can be in favor (+1), against (-1), or abstain (0). Votes must be cast in such a way that members of the board can verify who voted in what way.

The time limit on a vote is 14 days from the time of the call of votes, or until all MAB Board Members have cast their vote, whichever comes first.

At least half of the MAB Board Members must vote within the time limit for the vote to be valid.

Accepted Votes

A recommendation, nomination, or other measure which requires a vote, is accepted if a majority of MAB members vote in favor.

Unless the call for votes included a vote confidentiality clause, the results of the vote including who voted in what way is included in a publicly available record of the vote.