MODX Evolution by Jamie Street

In the beginning, there was MODX Evolution…

First released in early 2005, by embracing open web standards MODX Evolution was truly revolutionary. Its big idea was that the software that powers your site should never dictate how it was built. This was when virtually every other option forced slow, table-based layouts, tightly coupled to complex and tedious theme systems.

Evo was the first CMS that allowed people to easily build sites with lightweight semantic markup based on web standards, have private member-only content behind logins, and that crushed it for SEO (because, CSS). In fact you could have powered a mobile responsive HTML5/CSS3 website with its first release, even though that technology was non-existant at the time.

We call it “creative freedom”, and it’s an intrinsic part MODX’s DNA.

Over a decade later, we continue this legacy of innovation, technical leadership and creative freedom with MODX Revolution—a modern reinterpretation of Evo. And like its predecessor, MODX Revolution is ready for whatever comes next.

While we devote our time, support resources and attention to Revo, we still have a soft spot for MODX Evolution, which is actively maintained and developed by a devoted group of Community volunteers. If you need to update a MODX Evolution site or looking for an ultra-light CMS, you’re in the right place.

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