Spread MODX

How to help spread MODX

MODX is an amazing project, made even better by its community.

It’s important to constantly grow the community and let the world know just how great MODX really is. And we need your help! The following are some ways you can help spread MODX and build a better MODX ecosystem.

Get Social


For all the latest real-time happenings from the MODX Team and more follow @modx on Twitter. There’s also a fairly active and always helpful group of MODX Community members interacting on the #modx hashtag.


Like our Facebook Page and get any updates from MODX in your Facebook News stream. Additionally you can post to our wall and share comments, links and connect with other MODX Community Members.


MODX has fairly active LinkedIn group. Anyone interested in talking about or asking for help or advice on MODX are more than welcome to join and participate.


MODX is available in more than 20 languages already, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do better. If you’re not comfortable with English as your primary language, get involved in your local community!


Please respect our trademark guidelines. The PDF versions of the logo are Adobe Illustrator PDFs and can be opened as vector artwork for use as needed.

Millions Rely on MODX

In 2005, MODX could power a fully mobile-responsive website using HTML5 and CSS3, even though those technologies weren’t invented yet. And with MODX today, you’re ready not only for what you need now but also what comes next.

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