Technical Development Overview

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Issue Triage

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Code Bounties

MODX has a legacy of Community-led bounties, particularly at MODX Bughunts held both in-person and online. Issues labeled with a “bounty” tag will contain a description of where the bounty is hosted and its criteria and method of payout in the Issue description.

Any “official” bounties will be handled via the MODX Open Collective fiscal host so that all funds raised and dispersed are done with full transparency and without the administrative and accounting overhead that would otherwise be required.

Project Boards, Issues and PRs

We recently adopted Github project boards for tracking releases. There are six columns on each board:

  • Backlog – these are the issue candidates for a release.
  • To-Do – things that should be done next, especially those with an “urgent” label.
  • Doing – things that people are working on. If a Pull Request (PR) has changes requested, the triage team will move them back to this column.
  • Review Needed – this is where PRs land by default.
  • Ready for Merge – once a PR is approved by reviewers, it’s ready to merge into the release branch.
  • Done – this is where merged PRs, and their associated issues, wind up after being merged into the source code release branch.


Labels are like tags, that help us organize, categorize, and sort through things.

{describe here}


Milestones are the prospective release versions. Typically there will be multiple branches of code, for example, at the time of this writing:

  • 2.8.x – the current default branch. This is called a patch release where bugs and enhancements land. Patch releases look like 2.8.1, then 2.8.2, and so forth.
  • 3.0 – the next major release of MODX (too many) years in the making. When the 3.0 beta series are released, it will become the default/main branch. Changes that break backward compatibility are only allowed in major releases.
  • 3.1 – the next minor release after 3.0 … where new features and functionality will be added. No breaking changes can occur in minor releases.

Code Discussions

Discussions about the MODX codebase previously happened in the Community Forums. However, Github released a new feature for discussions where you can talk about the code in the same place you file and manage issues, PRs, and track its progress.

This means anyone with a Github account can jump into the code, participate in technical discussions, and collaborate without having to create yet-another account.

Learn more about how we use Github Discussions at


Documentation in multiple languages and for all major versions can be found at

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