MODx logo evolution

MODx evolution logo

First, thanks to the amazing guys from signalfeuer. they took our input for the logo and did an amazing job. Personally I was stuck on the empty box metaphor because it really does convey what MODx is all about—a completely empty container into which you can put whatever you'd like, in any manner you'd like. No constraints. No new template systems to learn. Total freedom to do it in any way you want, no matter really what "it" is.

Except the box thing had been done about 4.3-billion times.

Unfazed, the Euro-design duo extraordinaire came through with aplomb. Part of our German user base, they volunteered to work on our branding elements about two months ago. Having long been an admirer of their work—their site made the CSS showcase circuit to rave reviews—I was ecstatic both that they love and use MODx, and that they wanted to donate their time, energy and creative talents .

And it was their creative problem solving skills that they applied to an admittedly daunting design task of creating our identity. They adroitly surmised that an unfolded box would do an even better job of expressing the flexibility and freedom inherent with MODx—not to mention it conveniently looks like our "x" we'd been playing around with for a long time as well. Unfolded box: assemble it the way you want, even if it's inside out. Cut it down to size if it's too big. Put it together however you wish ... no constraints and total freedom. Further, at its core it's just a box—simple enough to grok that you don't need a massive learning curve to start using successfully. That's what MODx is about.

To Dennis and Leif: I want to reiterate our sincere thanks for taking on the challenge, and doing an incredible job. We're absolutely happy and excited about what you guys bring to MODx, and look forward to revealing more of your work to the MODx community.

Naked box model

For those that will ask, the letterforms are custom tweaked VAG Rounded, and it was all lovingly hand crafted in Fireworks. I'm not certain if the cardboard (how appropriate!) model was created before or after they drew the icon, but I'm claiming it was their visual reference during drawing. Web buttons and "spread MODx" paraphernalia will be coming soon, as will a total site redesign to match our new logo. Proper usage for our project name is finally set in stone as all lowercase all uppercase except the "x", all one word, coincidentally tweet-texting-friendly: MODx. (We changed our minds on the case of "MODx" because starting a sentence with a lowercase word is crazy!)

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