The Anti-Bloat Content Management Framework

MODX gives you all the tools you need to build and host what you want, your way, without the bloat of traditional CMS and cloud hosting solutions.

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Templating Overview

Rapidly build any digital experience

MODX is built to empower fully custom content management, functionality, and presentation.

Architect and control any type of content with Resources

Resources are the accessible pages, documents, and links you create in MODX.

Content Types

Content Types

Create any type of content: blogs, landing pages, catalogs, forms, PDFs, dynamically generated CSV downloads, you name it!

custom fields

Custom Fields

Empower publishers to customize with any number of custom input fields. From metadata, to page styling, to any on-page content.

resource management

Resource Management

Manage Resources (and URLs) in one intuitive tree menu. Share assets across 100s of sites in one single MODX installation.

Construct Resources at scale with reusable Elements

Elements are reusable code (Templates, Chunks, Snippets) used to render a page



Define the content type, custom fields, and all the other Elements that make up the look, substance, and function of a Resource.



Templatize repeating HTML (navbar, footer, preview items, etc.) to save time building and updating Resources sitewide

Snippets & Plugins

Snippets & Plugins

Add functionality and logic to aggregate content and power your site. Trigger actions based on any front or back end event.

Launch solutions faster with lean and flexible Extras

Extras are community-made Elements, extensions, and integrations for MODX


There’s an Extra for That

From menus to maps, e-commerce to oAuth, integrations, and more, you can find a solution already created by the community.

flexible without the bloat

Flexible Without Bloat

Unlike other CMS extensions, Extras are built to be unassuming and lightweight. Easily customize Extras anyway you wish.

build your own solutions

Build Your Own Solutions

Create your own Extras right within MODX. Using the API, integrate with the Manager UI to make it fully your own.

Extend with community-made Extras

From menus to maps, social to SEO, and everything in between, there’s an Extra for that. Like everything else in MODX, Extras are designed to flexibly adapt to your needs. Configure them to output exactly what you wish, without added bloat or elaborate workarounds.

Content Management Overview

Tailor content management for all

Customize everything about how content is accessed, managed, and presented.

customizable Manager

Customizable Manager

Fully customize MODX to be perfectly tailored to the job at hand. From menu items and layout to languages and custom fields.

absolute content control

Absolute Content Control

Allow any kind of custom content inputs, and have complete control over how that content is transformed and presented.

fine-grained permissions

Fine-Grained Permissions

Attribute-based access controls allow you to handle any content protection or access scenario you can imagine.

Cloud Hosting Overview

Managed cloud hosting done right

Experience the full MODX difference with cloud hosting perfectly configured for MODX—and any other PHP application. No Server Admins required. You can rely on MODX cloud hosting for the best possible security, uptime, speed, efficiency, and support.

automatic backups

Automatic Backups

Nightly offsite backups give you a fallback if and when needed. Enabled by default, restore yourself.

one click upgrades

One-click Upgrades

Keeping up with updates is critical. MODX cloud hosting makes it easy. Nothing to install and just a click away.

auto-failover and HA

Auto-Failover & HA

If uptime and scaling are critical, optional failover or a high-availability cluster will keep visitors happy.

snapshots and staging

Snapshots & Staging

Clone, share sites, and stage content in just a few clicks. Maintain sites—the right way—with ease.

optimized web servers

Optimized Web Servers

Curated software configured to serve pages blazingly fast with options for more speed thanks to our CDN.

security first


A secure platform stack, constantly updated, with enhanced managed protection available for MODX hosted sites.

Launch a MODX site with ease

Turn your code into a MODX-powered digital experience and deploy with confidence.

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