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Many people don’t realize how crucial your platform and web host are to your success. But the fact is, crushing SEO and conversion requires blazing-fast, secure websites. Sadly, most commodity web hosts just don’t deliver.

Thankfully, MODX Cloud solves speed, security, and then some.

We invested more than a decade making sure MODX Cloud is perfectly tuned to get the most from PHP. Always updated, locked down, optimized, and configured to help you succeed online. And our exclusive collaboration tools for MODX Revolution—especially Backstage™—are the things savvy content creators always wished for but hardly ever realized. Until now.

Interested? Request a free trial and we’ll show you how freeing and fun collaborating on content can actually be.

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Since switching to MODX Cloud, managing our four magazine websites is much easier. Our sites run smoothly, and if any issues arise, the MODX team helps us with a solution and gets us back on track fast.

Jessica Hearn // Global Marketing Co. Ltd