MODX Revolution Advanced & Previous Downloads

Current Version: 3.0.5 (rel. 10-Apr-2024)  Release Announcement | Changelog

Traditional Distribution

3,775 downloads and counting…
For this build, you can simply extract the files to your server and follow the Basic Installation guide to install MODX. Most users should choose this version.

Advanced Distribution

633 downloads and counting…
These packages are slightly less than half the size of the "Regular" downloads, since the "core" contents are compressed. MODX Setup will try to unpack or "build" this package during install. It's recommended you only use this if you plan to move the core, manager or connectors directories, and you have SSH access and are familiar with making folders writable.

SDK Distribution

86 downloads and counting…
Includes the MODX Revolution build assets, ExtJS debug files, and additional features for MODX Extras developers.

Server Requirements Overview

The guidelines below are the minimal and recommended versions of software to run MODX Revolution.

Component Minimum Required Recommended for Production
PHP 7.2.5 7.4, 8 Supported
Database Latest MySQL 5.6.x MariaDB 10.1.x or Percona Server 5.6.x or above
Web Server Latest Apache 2.2.x Latest NGINX 1.18.x or above

Older versions of software and additional webservers may work with MODX Revolution. Find out more in our complete guideline to recommended server requirements, which also includes PHP dependencies and more.

Learn how to customize your installation in our documentation. Looking for something simpler? Try the standard installation or explore MODX Revolution for free in MODX Cloud.

Other Versions

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