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Other Version – 2.1.1-pl
(Released Jun 1, 2011)

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MODX Revolution is the world’s fastest, most secure, scalable and flexible content managmenet system, perfect for modern websites that need to stand out. It comes with over a decade of proven, real world deployments from Enterprise WCM applications to basic brochureware, and a strong Open Source legacy from day one.

* To install this software, extract the files to your server and follow the basic installation guide. Unless you need to customize an install, e.g., changing the Manager location or name, download the Standard version.

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Server Requirements Overview

The guidelines below are the minimal and recommended versions of software to run MODX Revolution.

Component Minimum Recommended Recommended for Production
PHP Latest 5.5.x Latest 5.6.x or 7.0.x
Database Latest MySQL 5.5.x MariaDB 10.1.x or Percona Server 5.6.x or above
Web Server Latest Apache 2.2.x Latest NGINX 1.8.x or above

* Older versions of software and additional webservers may work with MODX Revolution. Find out more in our complete guideline to recommended server requirements, which also includes PHP depedencies and more.

Millions Rely on MODX

In 2005, MODX could power a fully mobile-responsive website using HTML5 and CSS3, even though those technologies weren’t invented yet. And with MODX today, you’re ready not only for what you need now but also what comes next.

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