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  1. eForm 1.4.6-pl | Author: jako

    eForm is a highly flexible form parser which allows you to easily build forms and send the results to one or more email addresses. The main features are:Form validation using powerful validation rulesCustom validation messages and css classesEasily extended using comprehensive event structureProtection of hidden fields against tamperingCaptcha supportSupports html email with attachmentsFlexible report…


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  2. ManagerManager 0.5.1-pl | Author: Ronef

    ManagerManager allows you to: Change field names Hide fields Change the help text for fields Rename tabs Hide tabs Create new tabs Move fields to different tabs Inherit field values from parent documents Prefill date values with customisable values Link fields together so their values always match Rename and move sections of the document editing page Add widgets to Manager fields - e.g. Del.icio.us-like…


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  3. Wayfinder Evo 2.0.4-pl | Author: jako

    Wayfinder is a highly flexible navigation builder.


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  4. PHx 2.2.0-pl | Author: dmi3y

    PHx (Placeholders Xtended) extends the use of placeholders, template variables and settings tags so you can easily format how the final output should look like. When enabled it plugs into the MODx parser, extends it's functionality and as a bonus makes it truly recursive. PHx will also eliminate the need for lesser parameter snippets where you'd use them to format a value for display. Great for templating!Transforming…


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  5. YAMS (Yet Another Multilingual Solution) 1.1.9-(stable) | Author: pms

    YAMS is a highly configurable multilingual solution that doesn't require the user to maintain multiple document trees and which allows the user to work with existing document templates. YAMS allows users to define language groups and specify certain templates as multilingual. All documents associated with those templates are then accessible in multiple languages via different URLs. The different language…


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