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  1. Solid
    Login 1.9.7-pl | Author: jako

    Loads a simple login and logout form.


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  2. Solid
    Gallery 1.7.1-pl | Author: MarkH

    Gallery is a dynamic Gallery Extra for MODx Revolution. It allows you to quickly and easily put up galleries of images, sort them, tag them, and display them in a myriad of ways in the front-end of your site.


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  3. FormIt 4.1.0-pl | Author: sterc

    A dynamic form processing Snippet for MODX Revolution.


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  4. Solid
    Tagger 1.10.0-pl | Author: theboxer

    Tags, Categories, and More for MODX!A robust and performant tag management system. Summary of the many, many features:Tested with up to a million tagsPaginated drop-down and type-ahead for easy tag inputCombo-box or tag-field input typesOptionally remove unused tags from the database automaticallyOptionally restrict tag creation to the CMP, versus on inputOptionally use Auto-Tag cloud for inputDisplay…


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  5. Solid
    Collections 3.6.0-pl | Author: theboxer

    Collections is a MODX Revolution Extra that adds a custom CollectionContainer resource class with the following behaviour: Any direct child resource will be hidden from the Resource Tree in the Manager, and listed in a grid view (similar to Articles) under a dedicated "Children" tab. Any children that themselves have children will be shown in the Tree, to be managed normally.


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