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  1. modDevTools 1.0.0-pl | Author: argnist

    A component that helps developers faster and easier to work in the admin panel of MODX Revolution.Full description available at


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  2. fastField 1.4.0-pl | Author: argnist

    This plugin adds new tag [[#resource_id.field]] for MODX Revolution 2.2+.It is a simple replacement of getResourceField. It supports grabbing:[[#1.pagetitle]] resource fields[[]] resource TVs (processed)[[]] resource properties[[]] value of $_POST['name'] (and other global arrays as with snippet getReqParam)You don't need to install getResourceField…


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  3. StaticSaver 1.1.3-pl | Author: argnist

    StaticSaver is a plugin for MODx Revolution that automatically sets up the name of file and media source of element (template, chunk, snippet, TV or plugin) when wanting to make this element be static.


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