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  1. Ace 1.8.0-pl | Author: bezumkin2

    Ace ( Cloud9 Editor) integration for MODx Revolution. Ace Provides best syntax highlighting and desktop-editors behavior (Sublime, Vim, Textmate) in your Elements, Files and Resources (when wysiwyg is disabled). It comes with 28 color schemes.This editor is used in GitHub, Cloud9 IDE, Acebug and other projects.For now the editor supports drag'n'drop of chunks, snippets, resources and files…


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  2. CKEditor 1.4.0-pl | Author: danya_postfactum

    CKEditor is a full featured HTML editor, providing quality xhtml output.CKEditor integration supports d'n'd from your Trees (to create links to Files or Resources), Ctrl+S saving.This project is hosted on github here. Support Thread on MODX Forum.Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions.


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  3. AjaxManager 1.2.0-pl | Author: danya_postfactum

    Speeds up page navigation in MODX Manager using ajax loading. Very useful when you have big Resource Tree.


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